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Will Marijuana Get Me Kicked Off a Cruise Ship?

I’m going on a cruise with my family for a week. Not my ideal vacation. Is bringing weed onto a cruise ship difficult? Do they all ban weed?Cruises ban anything that comes close to weed. Last August, a Texas woman was detained in Miami for trying to board a Carnival cruise ship with CBD gummies. These weren’t even THC products, and this woman was reportedly a longtime customer of the cruise line. Didn’t matter: She was kicked off with a refund and then banned for life.Cruise ships, like major airlines, travel through all sorts of different jurisdictions, and most states and countries still ban the plant. Legal compliance, insurance policies, general smoking bans and outdated thinking will likely keep permitted cannabis use off cruise ships for a long time. Does that mean you’ll be thrown in the brig if you sneak edibles or a hash pen aboard? Not necessarily, but smuggling a stash and hiding the smell for a week isn’t worth the stress unless you have a concrete plan. Vague homemade edibles or a hash pen should be an easy enough start, but stay away from flower. Maybe a ship employee can help you there.



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