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What Happened To The Honda Integra XSi & What’s One Worth Today?

What Happened To The Honda Integra XSi & What’s One Worth Today?
If it weren’t for the enthusiasm of die-hard collectors, it would be easy for the Honda Integra XSi to fade into obscurity. In 1989, Honda introduced its second generation Integra in Japan with several trims available, including the XSi, ZXi, RXi, TXi, and RSi. The XSi was the best-equipped trim, and was manufactured for five years until 1993 as a front-wheel drive sport coupe with two doors. It had a hatchback window that curved and had an attached back wiper blade. The iconic low, rectangular bands of head lamps across the front distinguished the vehicle in the latter half of the 1990’s from its North American cousin — the Acura Integra — which switched to round lights.
Inside, the Honda XSi had two rows of seating, power mirrors, climate control AC under a sweet little flip-up door, and upholstered bucket seats. It looked a little on the sedate side, but was surprisingly roomy for its build and offered space for luggage — and even more space with the rear seats folded flat. The XSi was also sold in a 4-door sedan body style.
Since it was built for the Japanese domestic market, the car is right-hand drive, and a rarity in U.S. sales today. However, what made this otherwise fairly typical car stand out in 1989 was the introduction of Honda’s new engine technology.
[Featured image by dave_7 via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and scaled | CC BY-SA 2.0]



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