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Travel Light In 2024 With These 36 Carry On Packing Tips

I bought this for a recent trip, and I was legit shocked at how much I could fit inside — and it zips up to be surprisingly small! I bought the “medium” which was plenty big for my needs, especially if you’re packing in a carry-on.
Promising review: “Seriously?! Do you see how much this holds?! Full shampoo bottles, face washes, hair brush…everything I could need or want to bring, FITS IN THIS ONE BAG! And it’s so cute! Feels like great quality too — all the hardware came with protective wraps to keep from scratching and the zippers feel very hardy. The hook at the top is also VERY WELL-SECURED to the bag, it’s double stitched to the top panel and almost feels like seatbelt material. And I love the extra pockets and netting inside. I would absolutely recommend this!” —mahea_c
Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two sizes and six colors).



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