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Travel Expert: 2022 Travel Trends Amid Uncertainty

As the pandemic shows signs of potentially easing, travelers are once again planning family vacations and business trips. After two years of canceled travel plans, this is certainly welcome news to start the year. As the global traveler sets out to reconnect with the world, there are some uncertainties surrounding travel.
In leading a global travel insurance marketplace, VisitorsCoverage, I’ve seen firsthand how travel has become a topic of conversation again. By examining what we know so far, we can identify travel trends and make reliable travel predictions about the rest of the year.
Inflation and Market Downturn Inspire Budget Travel
Owing to inflation, the stock market downturn and the rising costs of airfare, many travelers are limiting their budgets. Big dreams of luxury international travel have been downsized by economic constraints. However, that doesn’t mean people will stay home. On the contrary, in the coming months, I expect we’re likely to see a resurgence of domestic travel in nearly all its forms.
Road Trips Could Surge
Road trips have always been a relatively inexpensive and convenient way to travel. As more people look for ways to reduce spending, many could forgo the rising expense of air travel and hit the open road. Though gas prices may be increasing, it’s still the cheaper alternative. Because it gives travelers more autonomy and freedom than other forms of travel, the road trip may very well appeal to the Covid-wary.
Family Travel Is Set to Rebound
For the first time in two years, as schoolchildren across America eye summer vacation, more parents are making travel plans. The pandemic has been especially hard for those with young children. As the world begins its slow recovery from the stress of the last two years, the restorative effects of travel hold significant allure. Family travel is likely to increase as the year progresses.
Nature Travel Will Remain Popular
Budget concerns and warmer weather will likely push travelers to reconnect with the great outdoors. For many, this could mean pitching a tent at a nearby national park, enjoying water sports like kayaking or jet skiing, or taking on a challenging hike. The cost of experiencing all that nature has to offer is significantly less than that of a two-week excursion in Europe or an all-inclusive resort stay.
Event-Based Travel May Reach Pre-Pandemic Levels
The pandemic saw the cancellation of concerts, sporting events and theatrical performances worldwide. Now, many of these events are back on the calendar for 2022, marking the return of event-based travel. The sudden demand might make it more difficult to purchase event tickets and certain venues might require attendees to show proof of vaccination, but neither constraint should dull the expected spike in event-based travel.
Vacation Home and RV Travel Could Gain Popularity
Summer vacation home and recreational vehicle (RV) rentals were one of the more popular ways to vacation during the last two years. As Covid-19 continues to cause uncertainty surrounding international travel, that trend is likely to continue. People in RVs have the freedom and control to decide their itineraries and potentially minimize their risk of Covid. Similarly, some may prefer to rent vacation homes as opposed to staying at a hotel since contact is limited to the people in one’s party. Both vacation home rentals and RV rentals are likely to surge as we head into warmer weather.
Businesses in the Travel and Hospitality Sector Are Strategizing
The travel and hospitality industries have been challenged by the border closings and ever-changing country entry requirements imposed due to the pandemic. Now as the world attempts to move on from Covid-19, many businesses are in recovery mode. As the demand for travel decreased, many employers were forced to reduce their workforce in order to stay afloat. Now, as people begin to put their travel plans into effect, the hospitality sector could face significant staffing shortages. Businesses have to strategize how to accommodate high demand with limited resources. For travelers, this could mean that travelers will be confronted with long lines, significant delays and more cancellations.
Travel Safety Is a Priority
Although there’s a lot of unpredictability surrounding travel right now, that doesn’t mean travelers can’t have amazing experiences. As more people put their plans back into effect, they’ll be especially mindful of the necessary travel safety precautions. This may mean anything from packing extra face masks and hand sanitizer to ensuring that their travel documents are safe and in order. To alleviate the stress brought on by so much uncertainty, many travelers are considering travel insurance.
Overall, while there is much that remains to be seen, people will most likely be looking for opportunities to travel this year — whatever that might look like.



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