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“Too Much [Dennis] Rodman”: Michael Jordan’s PR Team Had Extreme Control Over Iconic Netflix Documentary, Unveils Director

In the renowned Netflix documentary series “The Last Dance,” there are disclosures regarding the level of control that is placed on its content. Director Jason Hehir provides a unique window into the dynamics that molded the story behind the scenes, illuminating the scrutiny Michael Jordan’s PR staff carried out.
The disclosures made by Jason Hehir concerning the impact of Michael Jordan’s marketing team on “The Last Dance” offer an engaging perspective for analyzing the relationship between sports, media, and communication. Audiences are encouraged to reflect on the difficult balancing act between realism and control of perception in the field of sports storytelling as they relive the memorable events captured in the documentary.
Director’s perspective: Jason Hehir’s disclosures
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During a recent podcast interview, director Jason Hehir revealed the numerous odds he encountered in the process of producing “The Last Dance.” Hehir revealed that even with the documentary’s thorough examination of Michael Jordan’s career, other influences might still affect the creative process. Hehir also emphasized how important Jordan’s PR team was in controlling how some important characters—most notably Dennis Rodman—were portrayed.
Director Jason Hehir stated, “You’re never gonna get no notes. It’s never going to be done. So if it was going to air in a year, I’d be like, yeah, give them by the end. By March, we were getting 30 pages of notes, single-spaced total from these four entities.” He continued, “And on page nine it would say too much Rodman. And on page 26 I would say more Rodman.”
Hehir’s disclosures provide a unique window into the precarious balancing act between the demands of documentary filmmaking’s external context and artistic freedom. Although the documentary presents Jordan’s career candidly, Hehir’s perspective highlights the degree to which PR concerns impacted the final output. The juxtaposition of contradictory instructions—such as the request for “more Rodman” and the command to include “too much Rodman”—illustrates the complex bargaining process that underlies the making of the documentary.
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PR involvement in creating Michael Jordan’s legacy
“The Last Dance” is evidence of the PR team of Michael Jordan’s strategic skill as they crafted a well-crafted story that preserved Jordan’s legacy while deftly handling any possible controversy. Jordan’s PR team proficiently managed the delicate balance between visibility and impression preservation by exerting control over the documentary’s content, therefore guaranteeing that the final output complied with the client’s intended representation.
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Hehir’s observations highlight the complex nature of sports documentaries, where the demands of branding and public relations frequently take precedence over creative vision. He stated, “ The document that at least made sense because you can’t you literally can’t do more or less of the same thing.” Even while “The Last Dance” gives audiences an unmatched look into the inner workings of the most renowned basketball period, Hehir’s disclosures serve as a moving reminder of the intricate relationships that are at work behind the scenes.



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