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Tom Cruise Gets This ‘Warning’ Message from Elsina Khayrova’s Ex-Husband

Many people have been drawn to Tom Cruise’s alleged blossoming romance with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova. However, amid the speculation, a cautionary message has emerged from Khayrova’s ex-husband, Russian oligarch Dmitry Tsetkov, who ‘warned’ Cruise to keep his ‘eyes and wallet wide open’ with his new love interest.
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Tsetkov, a diamond and mining magnate, recently told the Daily Mail about his relationship with Khayrova, especially the financial side of things. Tsetkov, who divorced Khayrova, advised Cruise that Khayrova has expensive and luxurious tastes. Tsetkov claims that his ex-wife likes the ‘finer things’ in life. He spoke about their divorce settlement, which cost him nearly $200 million. He emphasized the importance of Cruise being aware of Khayrova’s fiscal habits, stating that she enjoys a lavish lifestyle.
61-year-old Hollywood film actor Tom Cruise is having an affair with the daughter of a former Russian State Duma deputy from Tatarstan from United Russia, socialite Elsina Khairova, reports the Daily Mail. — Darth Intra (@darthintra) December 18, 2023
“Irrespective of whoever she’s with, Tom Cruise or anybody else, they should be aware that she likes the finer things in life and has expensive and luxurious tastes,” Tsetkov told the Daily Mail. “Tom should keep his eyes and wallet wide open… She’s 36, she’s beautiful, financially independent and loves life,” he said, adding that she’s “never been a big Tom Cruise fan, but I’m sure that’s all changed now.”
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Tsetkov detailed the difficulties he faced during their tumultuous 11-year marriage in the exclusive interview with the Daily Mail. He revealed that Khayrova spent approximately $12 million on clothing and another $2 million on handbags. The three-year divorce proceedings reportedly reduced Tsetkov’s fortune from £200 million to £50 million, forcing him to sell assets to meet financial obligations.
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Despite his warnings, Tsetkov admitted to having no direct contact with Khayrova. He explained that their preferred method of communication is through attorneys, shedding light on the couple’s complex dynamics. Nonetheless, Tsetkov expressed happiness for his ex-wife and wished her ‘all the best’ despite the fallout.
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Reports of Cruise’s alleged romance with Khayrova surfaced after being spotted together at a party in London’s Grosvenor Square. Witnesses said they were ‘inseparable,’ with Cruise allegedly ‘besotted’ with the 36-year-old socialite. Khayrova, who was previously married to Tsetkov for 11 years, is said to live a glamorous life similar to that of a Hollywood A-lister.
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In an ironic twist, Tsetkov, who claims to be on the Kremlin’s most wanted list and fears for his life in Russia, revealed that he had been in talks with a Hollywood producer about making a film about his life. Surprisingly, he expressed interest in having Cruise play him in the film, citing their similar height and weight. Tsetkov even admitted that Cruise is his favorite actor, even though Khayrova was allegedly not a fan of the actor during their marriage.
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