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Tips to traveling with kids

If you’re hitting the road for that summer vacation, then you know how difficult it can be to travel with the little ones. Sarah Clark from The Dainty Pear came by to share some family travel tips!
Sarah and her husband love taking time to travel together, but they also really love traveling with their kids! It can be a lot more work and isn’t always “picture perfect” for sure, but they have seen many benefits to it as well! Sarah grew up traveling to different countries with her family, and she believes the world was an excellent “classroom!” Traveling as a family can feel overwhelming or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be fancy! Hopping in the car and going on a staycation, camping, or even just making a day trip, especially in our beautiful state, can be a fantastic experience, too!
-Helps kids adapt to change and be flexible.
-It helps them stay curious and adventurous.
-It exposes them to new cultures, food, and how others live.
-It can foster gratitude.
-Teaches responsibility and how to be capable.
There is specific accountability for a child learning what they need to pack, behaving on a flight or in a restaurant, and being safe in a new place! We have seen people living in many different and unfavorable conditions, and it helps put into perspective many things to be thankful for.
-It creates AMAZING connections and special family memories! We always leave trips with inside jokes, photos to look back on, and more in common than when we left.
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