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“The Room Was Dark…I Couldn’t Stop Crying”: Triggered by 61YO Hollywood Star, Michael Jordan Once Bared His Soul on 2-Year NBA Hiatus

The year 1993 posed a tough period for both Michael Jordan and his devoted fans. MJ had a difficult time dealing with the sudden loss of his father and the subsequent decision to retire from basketball. Jordan’s retirement came at the zenith of his career, as he embarked on a journey into the world of baseball, a sport his father cherished. Amidst the struggle to cope with the profound loss of his father, the allure of basketball continued to beckon him. He even felt triggered by a scene from a movie.
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During his time with the White Sox AA minor league team in Birmingham, the renowned sports writer Melissa Isaacson paid a visit to the basketball legend.
Michael Jordan’s soul-stirring moment involving Wesley Snipes
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It was just another ordinary day for the baseball players, but for someone grappling with two significant life challenges, it was anything but calm. Recalling the Chicago Bulls legend’s exact words, his baseball journey had good and bad days, as well as days when he didn’t know how to control his emotions. During a conversation with the writer, MJ opened up about a deeply personal experience. He recounted a time after a game when he found himself watching a Wesley Snipes movie in a hotel. A scene in the movie, where Snipes’ character’s father passed away, unexpectedly triggered buried emotions within him. He even reached out to his family to find solace. He explained, “The room was dark and I was laying on the bed and I guess it hit the right buttons because all of a sudden, I couldn’t stop crying.” he added, “I talked to my wife. I called everyone I knew. And I still couldn’t stop crying. I never had a day in my life that I felt that sad.”
via Getty AUCHTERARDER, SCOTLAND – SEPTEMBER 26: Ex-NBA star Michael Jordan watches the action during the Morning Fourballs of the 2014 Ryder Cup on the PGA Centenary course at the Gleneagles Hotel on September 26, 2014 in Auchterarder, Scotland. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)
Following this, MJ went on to share several stories about his father with Isaacson. In the interview with ‘The Athletics,’ the writer shared how she knew and felt that MJ’s comeback to the league wasn’t very far away.
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What did Melissa Isaacson think about Jordan’s return to the NBA?
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She wrote the book, ‘Transition” which focused on the Chicago Bulls after MJ left. When the interviewer asked about her experience, she revealed another facet of the team. The writer said, “Mostly I learned through writing the book that while the Bulls certainly missed Michael’s enormous ability, the team in some ways thrived without him.” She added, “And that although it may not have looked that way, he needed them just as much as they needed him.” The writer acknowledged her restraint in recommending the player’s return to the NBA league while also effectively conveying Michael Jordan’s circumstances.
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