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The FAA Has Issued An Advisory Ahead Of The Total Solar Eclipse On April 8

Summary US pilots have been asked by authorities to be prepared for delays in some locations during the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8.
The FAA warns of possible disruptions to flights in Texas, Vermont, and Maine, among many other states.
Several special eclipse flights have been planned that day by Delta, and United also saw a surge in bookings for flights along the eclipse path.
With vast stretches of the United States getting ready to witness a total solar eclipse on April 8, aircraft flying along the path of the eclipse or nearby could face potential delays or slight disruptions. The FAA has now issued an advisory to pilots about possible impacts in certain parts of the country.
Upcoming eclipse
As excitement around the upcoming total solar eclipse builds up, people across the US are preparing in their own way to witness the event. Termed as the “Great North American Eclipse,” it will pass through several US states from Texas all the way to Maine.
Many people are planning to travel to areas where the eclipse will be visible in its totality, and that also includes flying in airplanes to these locations. As such, authorities are anticipating higher than usual air traffic in some areas along the eclipse path, potentially affecting scheduled flights in the air and also at some airports.
FAA advisory
The Federal Aviation Administration advises pilots to be aware of possible impacts on air traffic and airports along the eclipse path. There is a possibility of a larger-than-normal number of aircraft and drones in the area, delays, and even limited parking at some airports, as people gather in certain spots to witness the eclipse. The FAA said,
“Due to the high volume of traffic along the eclipse path, (airport) arrivals can expect lengthy delays during peak traffic periods. The purpose of this notice is to inform airmen of the possible impacts to air traffic and airports along the eclipse path during the period April 7, 2024, (6 a.m. EST) through April 10, 2024, (midnight EST).”
Cockpit crew and passengers could face delays at airports in Texas, Vermont, Maine, Canada, New Hampshire, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri. Airplanes could also be required to be put on holding patterns for longer than usual and even rerouted if it comes to that.
Pilot training could also be affected in areas around the eclipse path and may even be called off that day. Pilots have been advised by the FAA to regularly check NOTAMs (notice to air missions) for updates.
Eclipse flights
Passengers and air service providers have been preparing for weeks and months for this special event, and several special flights will take off on April 8 to witness the eclipse in the air.
Earlier this month, JSX announced it was planning to give away a luxury experience to twelve people on a special eclipse flight. Flight XE-4824 will depart from the air carrier’s designated hangar at Dallas-Love Field (DAL) at 13:00 on April 8, circle around Dallas, before landing at approximately 15:00 local time.
Photo: Markus Mainka | Shutterstock
Other US carriers, including Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, also witnessed a surge in demand for eclipse flights as many people want to experience the thrill of watching the event unfold at cruising altitude.
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