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Sick Of LAX? 5 Los Angeles Area Airports That Offer An Alternative

Summary John Wayne Airport, located in Orange County, offers a more relaxed and efficient experience compared to LAX, with quicker security checks and a variety of amenities.
Hollywood Burbank Airport, mainly used for private aviation, is a convenient choice for travelers looking to avoid the crowds of LAX. It is known for its operational efficiency and streamlined procedures.
Ontario International Airport has shown significant growth and development, with plans underway for a new international terminal. The airport aims to establish itself as a convenient alternative to LAX and increase international traffic.
LAX ranks among the world’s busiest airports, reflecting its status as a central global travel hub. Its prominence is bolstered by being a key base for airlines like United and Delta. However, Los Angeles offers alternative airports for travelers seeking a more relaxed experience. These options often provide a more comfortable and manageable environment, with less crowding and less stress than LAX.
5 John Wayne Airport
Served by: American, Delta, Southwest, Frontier, WestJet, Alaska
Location Santa Ana, California, USA Opened 1923 Runways Two parallel runways Annual Passenger Traffic Approximately 11.3 million (as of 2022)
John Wayne Airport, nestled in Orange County, offers a practical and less hectic alternative to LAX for those in Southern Los Angeles. This airport, known for its efficient size, cuts down on the usual travel hassles. Expect quicker security checks and a smoother experience overall. Its compact layout doesn’t skimp on necessities, offering a variety of shops and eateries.
Bronze Statue of John Wayne



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