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Purdue coach Ryan Walters says he knows ‘for a fact’ Michigan sign stealer was at ‘a number of our games’

Purdue coach Ryan Walters has expressed concern over the sign-stealing scandal at Michigan ahead of the Boilermakers’ Week 10 trip to face the No. 3 Wolverines. Asked about the ongoing NCAA investigation during his weekly radio show on Thursday night, Walters didn’t hold back.
“It’s unfortunate. “What’s crazy is they aren’t allegations. It happened,” he said. “There’s video evidence. There’s ticket purchases and sales that you can track back. We know for a fact that they were at a number of our games.”
Suspended Michigan staffer Connor Stalions purchased tickets for more than 30 games at 12 of the possible 13 Big Ten stadiums, along with tickets to games featuring nonconference opponents — including College Football Playoff contenders — over a three-year period. Central Michigan is also looking into photos allegedly showing Stalions on the sideline of its Week 1 game vs. Michigan State.
Walters didn’t expand upon the allegation that individuals associated with the sign-stealing operation were physically at Purdue games. However, Walters delivered one of the strongest public statements to date on the matter and says the team has taken steps to limit the impact on Saturday night’s game if the Michigan staff knows what’s coming.
“We’ve had to teach our guys a new language in terms of some signals,” he continued. “We will operate differently offensively. You might see us in a huddle for the first time this season. So, it is what it is. We are excited to go play, and it’ll make for a great story.”
Big Ten coaches, athletic directors and some presidents spoke with commissioner Tony Petitti this week, urging the conference to take action quickly while the NCAA conducts its inquiry into the school. Coach Jim Harbaugh was reportedly on the call for other discussions but left so the rest of the participants could talk about the impact of the sight-stealing operation.
“You just have to let it play out,” Harbaugh said of the investigation during a Monday press conference. “Cooperate with the investigation and see how it plays out. Too much of a one-track mind with the team to engage with all the speculation.”
The NCAA’s investigation into Michigan for sign-stealing is a rapidly-developing story and CBS Sports is covering it in real time. Click here for live coverage.



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