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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt LAX And JFK Holiday Travel

Pro-Palestine protests at Los Angeles and New York airports disrupted travel today on one of the busiest days of the year, leading to a combined total of more than 50 people arrested between both locations.
In Los Angeles, authorities declared an unlawful assembly Wednesday morning when a group of protesters blocked traffic outside the entrance of the Los Angeles Airport. Traffic was backed up to Century Boulevard.
Police arrived at LAX around 9:30 AM when the protesters tried to block the road with objects. An estimated 35 protesters were arrested. Some protesters were cited and released for rioting, while others were arrested for assault on a peace officer, officials said.
No flights were disrupted by the protest, although several passengers abandoned their ride to walk to their terminals.
New York’s JFK was subjected to a similar protest Wednesday morning.
Port Authority Police officers arrested 26 demonstrators who blocked traffic on the Van Wyck Expressway near the Terminal 4 exit around 11 a.m.
The protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct and impeding vehicular traffic.
Travelers to JFK also abandoned rides and walked with their luggage to terminals.



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