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PHOTOS: Full List of Tokyo Disneyland 41st Anniversary Jungle Cruise-Themed Merchandise

Tokyo Disney Resort is celebrating its 41st anniversary with a new, limited-time collection themed to Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions.
Jungle Cruise Tokyo Disneyland 41st Anniversary Collection
To commemorate the 41st anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Disneyland, a new collection of merchandise will be available to purchase at Adventureland Bazaar. The merchandise will drop on April 15, 2024, 41 years to the day of Tokyo Disneyland’s 1983 opening.
The resort’s 40th Anniversary celebration, “Dream-Go-Round,” which kicked off April 15, 2023, is currently still active, ending March 31, 2024.
The collection will include apparel, stationery, homeware, accessories, toys, and more.
Jungle Cruise is an important part of Tokyo Disney Resort, as it’s an opening day attraction for Tokyo Disneyland. Jungle Cruise became Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions in 2014. The updated version of the Adventureland attraction saw new original music, special effects, interactivity, and an enhanced nighttime experience. It also marked the first time in Tokyo Disney Resort’s history that an original “show script” was written in Japanese by a Japanese writer, so that the jokes and puns could really land with guests. One key difference between the Tokyo version and what guests experience in the U.S. is that Skippers on Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions present guests with one of three different amulets that represent an animal significant to the ride, either a tiger, elephant, or monkey. You can see them hanging in the boats above Mickey and Minnie throughout the collection.
Postcard – ¥400
The front of the postcard features Skipper Mickey and Skipper Minnie riding through the river, surrounded by animals. The postcard has a lenticular effect that shifts the scene from daytime to nighttime. The fireflies and glowing animal eyes you see at nighttime here, and throughout the collection, reference the nighttime effect of fireflies flickering and eyes hiding in the bushes on the attraction. The top reads “41st Anniversary April 15, 2024,” with “Tokyo Disneyland” written along the bottom.
The back features a simple teal jungle scene, with plenty of space to write.
Clear Holder – ¥500
The clear holder features the same scene as the postcard, though instead of being lenticular, this one has a glow-in-the-dark effect. At the top are four Jungle Cruise boats.
Stationery Set – ¥1,700
The stationary set comes with a case, notepad, stickers, and tape themed to Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions. Among the stickers are the three amulet animals: elephant, monkey, and tiger.
Ballpoint Pen – ¥1,500
The ballpoint pen recreates the iconic “Trapped Safari” scene, with Skipper Mickey replacing the cast of characters usually being run up the pole by a rhino.
Pin Badge – ¥1,200
One pin in the collection features Skipper Minnie and Skipper Mickey in a Jungle Cruise boat with the helm of a boat dangling element.
Button Badge – ¥500
The button continues the same artwork we’ve seen throughout the collection, with Mickey and Minnie being surrounded by animal animatronics guests can discover on the attraction.
Pin Badge – ¥1,200
This “Friend of the Jungle” pin comes mounted on a card guests can fill in their cruise date, skipper name, and explorations notes.
Disney Vehicle Collection Tomica Boat – ¥1,800
The Tomica boat is a small recreation of the Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions ride vehicle.
The top is themed specifically for the 41st anniversary, with the anniversary date written on it.
Stainless Steel Mug – ¥2,800
The red stainless steel mug has a simple design, with silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie on a boat. Minnie is surrounded by butterflies — a nod to the butterfly animatronics on the ride.
The back recreates an elephant scene.
Sealable Container Set – ¥2,200
The container set has three separate containers that stack together. The first has Skipper Minnie and Mickey, followed by a lineup of boats, and finally a parade of animals wading in the water.
Each one can be sealed individually.
Decorative Piece – ¥3,800
This decorative helm of a Jungle Cruise boat has the same artwork as the mug, with “April 15, 2024,” and “41st Anniversary Tokyo Disneyland” printed on the center.
Magnet Set – ¥1,900
This two-magnet set includes one of the attraction’s marquee sign, and the other of Minnie and Mickey aboard their boat.
Mini Towel – ¥880
The mini towel continues the same motif seen throughout the merchandise.
Twinkling lights appear in the glow-in-the-dark element.
Bandana – ¥1,200
The red striped bandana has Minnie and Mickey at the center, with the three animal amulets taking up three of the corners, and the 41st Anniversary logo taking up the fourth corner.
T-Shirt – ¥3,000
The T-shirt for the collection is a ringer tee style in a cream color with red details. The collection’s artwork is printed at the center.
The back has simpler artwork, all in red.
Watch – ¥8,900
The watch in the line has tan straps, with the boat scene taking up the face of the watch. It comes in a 41st Anniversary box.
Hat – ¥3,500
Guests can become Skipper Mickey with this bucket hat that features Mickey ears and an adjustable strap.
Drawstring Pouch – ¥900
The drawstring pouch is printed on a cream material with red drawstrings.
The back of the bag has a collage of Jungle Cruise elements, including boats and animals.
Shopping Bag – ¥2,000
The shopping bag has a similar graphic to the drawstring bag, but with a few different animals added to the back panel.
It folds up into a small pouch that can easily be thrown into a park bag.
Plush Badge Mickey – ¥2,500
Mickey, dressed in his Jungle Cruise best, can be worn as a badge or as a keychain.
“41st” is printed on the plush’s left foot.
Plush Badge Minnie – ¥2,500
Minnie matches Mickey’s look, but with two added butterflies tagging along.
Like Mickey, “41st” is printed on her left foot.
Plush Mickey Clip – ¥3,200
Finally, this plush clip allows guests to squeeze Mickey and clip him onto objects. He is designed to look like he’s being chased up a pole by the small rhino dangling below him, just like the pen in the collection.
Which 41st Anniversary item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
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