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Passport processing times are easing. Here’s how long it’ll take

Despite shortened wait times, officials still encourage Americans to plan ahead and check expiration dates for their current passports.
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WASHINGTON — After months of long delays, passport processing times are finally easing.
The State Department updated its expected processing times for U.S. passports Monday, shortening the wait times by two weeks. Applications received on or after Oct. 2, will be expected to wait eight to 11 weeks , or five to seven weeks for expedited service.
Earlier this year, the State Department warned travelers about long processing times due to a rise in international travel. Up until Monday, the expected wait time were 10 to 13 weeks for routine service and seven to nine weeks for an expedited service.
Processing times begin the moment a passport agency or center receives the application and does include mailing time, according to the State Department.



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