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“Nahh, Tom Cruise Laughs Like Dr Disrespect”- Champions Club Sides With Their 6-Foot-8 Streamer Against the Mission Impossible Actor

Dr DisRespect is among the most celebrated gaming streamers in the industry today. The icon enjoys a lot of fan attention not only for his core gaming skills but also for his witty and uncandid personality. The popular streamer doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinions on social media platforms. However, sometimes even ‘The Doc’ likes to have some fun.
America’s Favorite Video Today
The YouTuber is mostly making headlines for his game reviews and reactions to the buzz happening in the eSports world. However, this time the Dr DisRespect headlines are special. Well, the latter invited a lot of interesting responses as he took over the internet with the ‘question of the year’. Ever wondered what the Doc’s laughter sounds like? The answer might be surprising.
Tom Cruise and Dr DisRespect: An uncanny resemblance?
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Of all the doc’s reaction videos, every video featuring the iconic laughter of the streamer holds a special place on the community watch list. There have always been comments on how Dr DisRespect’s laugh always gets the audience. But what if the laugh seemingly resembled another fan-favorite face of the entertainment industry? The answer is an easy guess.
The creator’s laughter is being compared with the Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. The Mission Impossible actor has also been pointed out for his unique style of laughter before. Fortunately, we now have a comparison. And the similarity is uncanny.
Following all the claims of both individuals having a congruent laugh, Dr DisRespect finally came up with a response. The creator posted a video of him and Tom Cruise laughing in a comparison tile. “Serious question, do I laugh like Tom Cruise?”
The much-awaited question was finally addressed, or rather left, to the audience poll. And as expected, the fans came up with some innovative responses.
The streaming community is in agreement
The clip immediately went viral across social media as fans seemed quite interested in bringing Dr DisRespect to a conclusion. No surprise, the crowded jury seemed to be in total agreement.
A user believes that it’s Tom Cruise’s laughter that resembles their favorite streamer. Brownie points for loyalty!
There’s still some disagreement among the fans. A user wants the Doc to recognize his laughter as ‘unique.’
A man is delighted after being subjected to the comparison content. Crowns the video ‘content of the week.’
Another user believes that not only is there a resemblance but also, the streamer’s laugh is better.
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Undoubtedly, both names are pioneers in their fields. Fans loved the content and agree with Dr Disrespect. However, there’s one more thing in common: the love of their communities.
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