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Mrs. And Mrs. Smith’s Maya Erskine Channeled Tom Cruise In One Key Way, And I Totally See It

Amazon Prime subscribers who’ve seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith are probably aware that the show is truly a thrill ride. While its inaugural eight-episode season has its share of quiet moments, there are plenty of scenes that are enough to get one’s heart racing. And, if it was stressful for you as a viewer, then imagine how it was for the stars themselves. Co-lead Maya Erskine definitely committed to the more physical elements of her role as Jane. In fact, she actually channeled none other than action movie icon Tom Cruise in one specific way. And, after learning of this revelation, I can totally see it.
Maya Erskine, like her co-star Donald Glover, has been making the rounds as of late amid awards season. In the process, the two have shared some intriguing behind-the-scenes nuggets about their romantic action dramedy. While speaking with EW’s The Awardist podcast, Erskine got real about what her role required of her from a physical standpoint. Her comments suggest that it wasn’t always easy, but she did manage to look to the aforementioned Mission: Impossible star for inspiration. That was especially true when it came to a moment in the premiere, a sequence in the finale and more:
I’m not a runner, but let me just say this: I became one that week. I was also sick that week. I had a cold, and it cured it. But in the first episode we run, and Donald, he was running as part of his training in the beginning, and so he had to slow himself down so that we could stay in the same tracking shot, and it wasn’t looking fast. So I did steal the Tom Cruise run, which is lifting your hands — it does help. It’s interesting how film can make it either look faster or slower, and you also need to stay in line with the camera. So there’s so many things to think about, but in that last episode, we did run like hell. I was wearing Mary Janes. That was crazy.
At this point, I really hope that if Tom Cruise has a physical resume, then he has “running” noted under a “skills” section. He’s starred in a number of movies in which he has famously run long distances, and the bulk of those entries in his filmography are Mission: Impossible films. At this point, it honestly feels like there’s no place that Ethan Hunt has sprinted to. Just a few months ago, it was actually reported that the currently in-production M:I 8 shot a running scene in London (and it may or may not be flashback). The moments are so ubiquitous that even Cruise poked fun at himself over these moments.
People may have their jokes about the running, but Maya Erskine was definitely wise to take a cue from him in regard to lifting her hands. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t notice that while watching the season. Also, I truly believe that Erskine should give herself more credit. Although she said that her co-star had to slow down for her, I still say that she held her own alongside him in other regards. I mean, she looked like a seasoned blockbuster star during those scenes involving gunplay, for example.
What fans are probably wondering right now is whether or not both she and her on-screen partner will be “running” back to Prime Video for the second season of Mr. and Mrs. Smith . The show was renewed back in May, at which time it was alleged that Season 2 would make a major change by shifting away from its two leads. Showrunner Francesca Sloane addressed the claims and, while she didn’t confirm one way or the other, she did find it strange that “sources” came to that conclusion.
There’s no telling when viewers might get a concrete answer – which may give us an idea of what’s to come after the finale’s massive cliffhanger. If Maya Erskine does return though, I would expect her to bring her A-game. There are also surely other cues she can take from Tom Cruise if she needs to add to her repertoire as a rising action star.
All episodes of Mr. and Mrs. Smith are now available to stream alongside the best Amazon Prime originals . You can also take a look at the 2024 TV schedule for other small-screen productions that are worth checking out.



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