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MMA News Roundup: Manny Pacquiao Responds to Conor McGregor; Dana White Caught Red-Handed by Stipe Miocic; Israel Adesanya & Ronaldo Link Up at Fury vs. Ngannou

The World of combat sports sees numerous exciting developments each day, making it difficult for fans to stay up to date with the most significant events in their beloved sport. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered with yet another edition of the daily roundup. So sit back and scroll down as we bring to you the latest developments in the MMA world.
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Let’s kick off our news journey with Manny Pacquiao‘s uncompromising reaction to Conor McGregor‘s menacing comments. Then we will look at the revelation from Stipe Miocic putting Dana White in a compromising situation. Finally, our last destination will bring you the breaking news of Israel Adesanya‘s recent meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Manny Pacquiao is not intimidated by Conor McGregor
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Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao are both currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to witness the much-anticipated bout between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury. Interestingly, McGregor and Pacquiao have had a strained relationship ever since Pacquiao’s withdrawal from the Paradigm deal, which led to a clear-cut legal dispute. In the end, Pacquiao ended up on the losing side of that dispute.
Conor McGregor added a voice note on his X (formerly Twitter), after his legal battle win, which stated that he would kick Pacquiao in the head if they cross paths. He said, “Where’s my $8 million from that court case, Manny Pacquiao? You owe me $8 million, Manny… Are you stupid, Manny?… I’ll kick you in the head, in the neck, the inside leg, and take you off your feet and drag you by your ankle across the stage.”
Recently while having a press conference, a reporter asked Pacquiao about McGregor’s threat to him, and ‘Pacman’ had only one answer to that question “Oh, he’s not active anymore.” With Both of them not backing down, it will be interesting to witness what’s ahead of them.
Stipe Miocic exposes Dana White
Jon Jones is out of the equation for the next few months due to his injury and alongside him, Stipe Miocic is also out. Their match has been replaced with the Tom Aspinall vs. Sergei Palvovich match. In the middle of all this, there looms a question: Why did Dana White give an interim title fight to Miocic since he was fit and fine?
As per Dana white, he doesn’t want to disrespect Miocic by giving him an interim title fight. White said, “This is a legacy fight for both of those guys. To even call Stipe and ask Stipe to fight for an interim title is, you know, complete disrespect.” Despite White’s justification, Miocic seems to have differentiated thoughts.
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Miocic exposed White when he expressed that he felt like he was getting kicked in the groin. While having a conversation on his new OnlyFans account, he stated, “It wasn’t my choice, it was theirs…. I want that belt back. It’s my belt. It’s going to happen.” White seems to have done this on his own without asking Miocic about his opinion.
Israel Adesanya meets Cristiano Ronaldo
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The former middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to witness the historic match between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury. Surprisingly, the middleweight star met the soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo at the venue.
‘Stylebender’ was flabbergasted by the height of Ronaldo since he was not anticipating him to be this tall. While in the conversation Ronaldo inquired Adesanya about Alexander Volkanovski’s condition. Adesanya responded by stating that ‘Volk’ is doing fine.
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With ‘The Battle of the Baddest’ getting closer and closer, what do you think? Who will emerge victorious? Tell us in the comment below.
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