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Matthew McConaughey Became Less Interesting to Women When He Bought This Sports Car

Matthew McConaughey thought buying a sports car would make him more appealing to women at a young age. But he soon discovered it had the exact opposite effect.
Matthew McConaughey once shared how buying an expensive car backfired when it came to women
Matthew McConaughey | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
McConaughey once confided that his social life was better off without buying a fancy ride. Back in his high school days, the Oscar-winner was already a popular and social student. If there was one thing McConaughey might not have appreciated back then, it was the car he drove. In an interview the actor once did with People (via Contact Music), McConaughey described the day he decided to switch his modest ride for something more glamorous.
”I had driven a four-cylinder truck for two years but had just save enough money to buy this cherry-red 300ZX with T-tops. My truck was informal, rugged, social, like me. But this 300ZX was my dream car, or so I thought. And as soon as I got it, something changed,” McConaughey said.
Similarly with his old truck, McConaughey sub consciously adopted the personality of his new car. Which his friends called him out on.
”I started acting like my car. I became really concerned with my appearance, meticulous, self-conscious. I’d even park in the furthest corners of the parking lot so as to be sure it never got a door dent or fingerprints. In the same way, I also disengaged. Instead of chasing girls like I always had, I found myself hanging out with my car, leaning against it as if to let it do the work for me,” he remembered.
The relationship between him and his new car didn’t last long, and McConaughey decided to go back to his old ride.
”Girls became less interested in me, and I became less interesting. I was giving that damn red sports car way too much credit, and in doing so I got lazy, less fun and less me. I sold it two months later, and bought my truck back. And all was fine again with the ladies,” he said.
McConaughey’s dating life has given him a lot of experience in the area of romance. It might be why he seems to have such a healthy relationship with his wife Camila Alves. The pair met at a bar in 2006, and started dating soon afterwards. They got married in 2012, and have since started a growing family together.
In an interview he did with Matthew Hussey, McConaughey helped share what he’s learned about dating others over the years. He hoped his advice would help hopeless romantics avoid a very common mistake in the dating game.
“And not only in love, but we have relationships where we get in them and it doesn’t quite live up, but we think we can coach them up,” he said. “We think we can kind of mold them. We’re giving ourselves credit, like, ‘I can change this person.’ And usually there’s some things you can, but usually those red lights and those yellow lights in relationships are like, ‘Hey, this is . . . ‘ If there’s any time that the person that I’m interested in is showing their best behavior, it’s now. All right? If anybody’s overselling who they are, it’s now. It’s not going to usually get better.”
Over his extensive career, McConaughey has been linked to few, if any, co-stars. There were once rumors he was dating the likes of Sandra Bullock, but Bullock denied they ever had a romantic relationship. Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, McConaughey revealed that he intentionally avoided celebrity relationships.
“I’ve always tried to keep it professional and the people I worked with, I must say, did it well,” he said. “Maybe we had certain crushes on each other at certain times but we always just kept it professional.”



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