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LOOK: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make surprise cameos on ‘Saturday Night Live’, spotted in NYC together

Pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce are sweeping the NFL and the entertainment world as their rumored relationship grows. The two were in the spotlight once again when they made cameos on “Saturday Night Live.”
The skit featured Fox Sports’ Keenan Thompson as host Curt Menefee and Pete Davidson as an NFL sideline reporter, with Davidson on the sideline of a game at MetLife decked out in Swift gear. Thompson asks Davidson, who is playing a character named Kenny Ditullio, why he would expect the singer to be at a game between the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles.
Davidson explains that Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother, plays on the Eagles and he heard a rumor that Swift would be in attendance to support the center.
“So far no sight of blondie, I’m starting to wonder why I’m even here,” Davidson says, getting laughs from the audience.
When asked to give some analysis for the game, Davidson instead breaks downs photos of Swift. Frustrated that it is all about Swift instead of the actual game, Thompson keeps trying to redirect the conversation to be about football, failing each time.
As the broadcast moves back to the desk, we see the Fox NFL crew, all debating on who is the biggest Swiftie in the building.
“When we get back, we are going to speak with someone who actually wants to talk football,” an annoyed Thompson says after the group begins singing Swift’s hit “Bad Blood.”
The camera then pans to Travis who is in front of the MetLife backdrop. He responds to Thompson, saying, “Yes! Please!” as the crowd cheers.
Swift was not in this skit, but did make an appearance in the episode. She introduced rapper Ice Spice, who is featured on a remix of Swift’s song “Karma.”
Taylor and Travis were spotted holding hands in New York on Saturday in what appeared to be the same outfits they wore on SNL.
Swift attended another NFL game this week, when the Chiefs hosted the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football. The next possible Swift appearance could come on Oct. 22, when Kansas City hosts the Los Angeles Chargers.



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