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Letters to Sports: How did Julio Urías not learn first lesson?

I guess that Julio Urías didn’t learn anything from the debacle that Trevor Bauer went through. When will these athletes figure out that you are not above the law? Another shameful act should be punished to the hilt and just maybe it won’t happen again.
Craig London
Woodland Hills
Let me help some of you out there that don’t understand how companies work. If you work for a company, in this case MLB, they have rules and standards of behavior in place. It doesn’t matter if you are charged or convicted of the crime in question. No major league team wanted Trevor Bauer because he would have been a distraction. Now you have Urías. Stop with the stupid “we need him in October” comments. Cut ties with Julio Urías and move on.
Larry Estis
Integrity trumps winning. Mr. Urías should be dropped by the Dodgers unless the reported information is false. Being a member of the Dodger organization should represent something beyond baseball ability and athleticism, even if dropping him results in losing early in the playoffs.
Jerry Frankel
Plano, Texas
Once again, Bill Plaschke is leading the charge in chasing an athlete out of town. Don’t extend LeBron James. Let Anthony Davis leave. The Lakers blew it by giving Kobe Bryant his last contract. Goodbye Bauer. Now, Urías should never pitch for the Dodgers again. Sounds like if Bill owned a team, he would only employ angels from heaven who are willing to work for pennies.
Rod Lawrence
Los Angeles
Bill Plaschke said it best: Julio Urías simply cannot be allowed to pitch again for the Dodgers. I realize he has not been convicted, but what message does this send to baseball, fans and L.A. if he goes unpunished? It is never OK to smack around your partner/spouse. He has become a disgrace to Dodger Blue.
Corina Rivas
Los Angeles
Although I completely agree with Plaschke’s opinion on the the course of action the Dodgers should take with Julio Urías, he should be called out for stating Urías is “the Dodgers’ most popular player.”
Paul Burns
Granada Hills



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