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Julian Edelman believes that Mac Jones has ‘lost his confidence’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – OCTOBER 21: Detail view of American football on field during the game at Lincoln Financial Field(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
As you know, sports has the ability to produce some of the most exhilarating moments you will ever see. And by the same token, it can also produce moments that can make you toss your dinner. It’s time to toss.
High school football, Phoebus High in Virginia, beat Jamestown 104-0. But the score wasn’t the problem; it was the end of the game.
On the final play, Phoebus had the ball up 98-0. Instead of kneeling down, they threw a 28-yard touchdown pass on the final play to win it 104-0. Phoebus’ coach said he did it because the kids kept telling him they wanted to make history and break 100.
They made history, alright, but it’s the kind you never want to teach. Insane and embarrassing are two words that come to mind.
The Virginia high school football playoff system is questionable at best, so they deserve lots of shade! Phoebus’ record was 10-0, and Jamestown was 1-9. Yet, this was a playoff game! We hope you understand that if you had Jamestown High plus 103 points, you lost!
If one day we learn that Phoebus’ coach gave 103 points and won a bet, I’m leaving sports and going to weather.



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