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Jordan Spieth refutes report Patrick Cantlay ‘controls’ PGA Tour talks with PIF

Washington, DC CNN —
A group of US senators has introduced a bill seeking to make the lives of sports fans and concertgoers easier, a year after Taylor Swift ticket sales were massively disrupted by a technical fiasco at one of the nation’s largest event ticketers, Ticketmaster.
The legislation, known as the Fans First Act, proposes new restrictions on ticket resellers, ramps up protections against online bots that swoop in to snatch tickets from real fans and imposes new disclosure requirements forcing ticket sellers everywhere to display “all-in” pricing in their listings, inclusive of any fees.
The bill by a half-dozen senators of both political parties could clamp down on predatory activities in secondary ticketing markets. It could give ticket buyers better pricing information and the federal government more resources for going after illegal ticket sale practices.
But in focusing heavily on the behaviors of ticket resellers and bots, the bill leaves out some key demands from consumer groups, and may not quell the criticism that’s targeted dominant first-party sellers such as Ticketmaster, whose infamous breakdown during Swift’s highly anticipated tour sale sparked widespread consumer ire, a congressional hearing and a public rebuke from the artist herself.
The legislation reflects some proposals backed by consumer advocacy groups, such as the requirement to display all-in pricing. But the senators’ announcement Friday did not appear to include other policies consumer groups have demanded, such as guaranteeing ticketholders a right to transfer their own tickets to others or allowing rightful ticketholders the ability to set a different price when reselling their tickets than the prices mandated by first-party ticket sellers.
Brian Hess at the Ticket Buyers Bill of Rights, a consumer advocacy group, said the legislation “contains many important consumer protections” and his group supported the bill. “We look forward to working with the sponsors to make sure fans remain at the center of the legislative process.”
Concert-goers at the



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