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Jon Bon Jovi and His Son Jesse Have Very Different Tastes-But Agree on at Least One Thing

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Rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bon Jovi have grown their love of rosé into a business reaching more than 50 countries—and all four seasons.
“Rosé is mistakenly perceived as a hot-weather drink, but we love it just as much in the fall or winter as we do in the summer,” says Jon, 61.
The father and son’s affinity for the pink-tinted wine was the impetus to start rosé label Hampton Water. Produced in France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region, in the south, with a blend of four grapes, it launched in 2018 and has since rapidly grown. From being distributed only on the East Coast, it’s now available in all 50 states as well as more than 50 countries including Germany, Italy, Australia, and England. Also, the company currently has 17 full-time employees, compared with two when it debuted.
Going forward, the duo has plans to expand further and hinted at the possibility of creating another wine. “Let’s just say that there are still opportunities within the rose category,” says Jesse, 28 “Yes, more is coming, but I can’t say what.”
The duo share a few of their favorite things with Penta.
What I drink if it’s not rosé is…
Jesse: a cold beer.
Jon: water.
The best thing about Languedoc, France, where Hampton Water is produced is…
Jesse: that it’s incredibly beautiful and historic. Winemaking is a tradition that goes back centuries. Plus, it’s not touristy or discovered so it feels off the beaten path.
Jon: that if Provence is New York, then Languedoc is New Jersey, where I’m from. It’s more under-the-radar but still delivers as a gem.
My top New Jersey recommendation is…
Jon: The Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, one of the six restaurants that is a part of my foundation [the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation] and operates on a pay-it-forward model. If you volunteer there, your meal is free, and if you don’t, you pay by suggested donation which covers your food and the meal for one other person in need.
Jesse: The Princeton in Avalon, a huge bar with awesome live music. It’s the place to enjoy a Saturday night.
The vacation destination that I love the most…
Jon: the Hamptons. It’s where we have had a home for more than 20 years. We have so many family memories there.
Jesse: the Caribbean, especially St. Barts and St. Martin—both have beautiful beaches and great food.
My travel style is to…
Jesse: hang out, sit on the beach, have a drink, and go back on the beach. My vacations are spent pretty relaxed.
Jon: pack in as many events into one day as I can.
Jon Bon Jovi performs with band Bon Jovi during Rock in Rio festival at the Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 29, 2019. AFP via Getty Images
The musician I admire the most is…
Jon: Paul McCartney. He is still singing, touring and writing. Of course, he was part of the greatest band that ever existed.
Jesse: Harry Styles. He is the man.
The song of my own (or of my dad’s) that I listen to the most is…
Jon: the latest one I write. It’s not often that I sit around listening to the catalog.
Jesse: I don’t sit around and listen to my dad’s songs much either. If I had to pick, it would be Bed of Roses.
My go-to meal is…
Jon: sushi.
Jesse: anything Italian. Pizza, pasta. Emilio’s Ballato in New York is my go-to. It’s red sauce done right.
My favorite way to drink Hampton Water is…
Jon: on ice in the biggest possible glass that will hold the most amount of wine.
Jesse: with friends and good music. The Surf Lodge in the Hamptons comes to mind.
I suggest drinking rosé in the winter…
Jesse: in cocktails. The wine has a complex flavor profile because it’s aged in oak. It lends itself well in a mezcal cocktail or in a spritz with St. Germain.
Jon: by opening a bottle before a meal like before a Thanksgiving spread. It’s a palate-pleasing way to start the festivities.
What I love most about rosé is…
Jesse: that it’s easy, fun and lighthearted.
Jon: that it appeals to every age demographic. Younger people love it because it’s not intimidating.



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