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Joining Millions of Bodybuilding Fans, 4-Time Olympia Winner Is Also Confident of Chris Bumstead’s 5th Olympia Victory: “No Stopping Now”

The world of bodybuilding is currently occupied with the preparation of upcoming extravaganza events. The Mr. Olympia contest is about to happen in just a few weeks. Therefore, bodybuilders of all divisions go through an intense training session before heading to the stage. Every individual dreams of winning the glorious trophy and being crowned as the champion at least once in their lives. However, the reigning champion in the Classic Physique division, Chris Bumstead, constantly shares his progress on the Internet. In his recent post 4 times, Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler applauded him.
America’s Favorite Video Today
The Canadian Bodybuilder, earlier updated his Instagram with his chest-day workout regimen. Moreover, CBum included four exercises in the video: Incline dumbbell press, chest press, pictorial incline fly, and parallel bar dips. In just one day it already got millions of likes. The people’s favorite bodybuilder shared a carousel of short videos from his workout routine.
Jay Cutler’s comment on Chris Bumstead’s chest-day post
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CBum captioned his post with a motivational quote. He talked about long-term success and how to achieve it. He further explains that sometimes you have to work really hard to claim your passion because it needs anticipation.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Chris Bumstead (@cbum)
28-year-old’s caption read “Passion doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes you have to work at creating an environment for your passion to thrive. Do you want long-term success? Learn how to fall back in love with your work again and again.” Additionally, he defined that to take failures as a source of motivation, if you are not going to accept them, you might never understand what it feels like to win. On his training session video, one of the bodybuilding legends commented.
“5X Champ Workout Right There”: 7 Weeks Out of Olympia, Chris Bumstead’s Brutal Training Convinces Bodybuilding World of His Imminent Victory
Cutler has retired from bodybuilding but has a keen eye on the sports and he closely observes, as the Olympia is ahead of a few weeks the GOAT, is also very active on social media, He left a comment on CBum’s post that says, “No Stopping now”. A few days ago, he also made an appearance on Hany Rambod’s post featuring the Persian Wolf . Bumstead convinced the sports enthusiasts that he would defend his title for the fifth time.
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Bumstead has faith in winning again
His confidence in himself is making everyone believe that he will win this time too, and the SANDOW trophy will be in his hands for the fifth time. Just a few days ago, he had told his contenders on Olympia TV with great confidence that everyone was fighting only to come second.
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The Classic physique champ said, “I do [believe they are all fighting for second place]. It was Urs and Ramon against each other at the Arnold and I think it’s going to be them battling for it again at the next Olympia..”. At the Arnold Classic, they both fought fiercely. They pushed their limits to win the title. Chris believes that it is going to happen again during the SANDOW trophy. But this time they’re going to fight for the second position.
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What do you think of Chris’s self-belief will let him win this time again or he will lose to someone else? Share your opinion in the comment section below.
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