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In The Mood For Some Tom Cruise And True Crime? Netflix Has You Covered

In The Mood For Some Tom Cruise And True Crime? Netflix Has You Covered
Tom Cruise loves chucking himself out of planes, but did you know he can actually fly them? The “Mission: Impossible” star has been a qualified pilot since 1994 and owns several aeronautic vehicles, including a P-51 Mustang that popped up in “Top Gun: Maverick.” As he once told Hello magazine (via The Netline), “All I ever wanted to be was a pilot or an actor,” affirming that he very much shares Pete Mitchell’s need for speed (which should come as a shock to literally no one on the planet). But it’s not just the “Top Gun” movies; 2017’s “American Made” likewise saw Cruise hopping into a cockpit for a real-life crime story that cements the adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”
Cruise stars in “American Made” as Barry Seal, a wannabe hotshot pilot who’s working a cushy yet, for him, soul-draining gig flying commercial jets for TWA in the ’70s when he’s recruited by shady CIA agent “Schaefer” (Domhnall Gleeson) to carry out secret reconnaissance missions capturing surveillance photos in Central America. This isn’t Barry’s first time breaking bad; he’s already been smuggling Cuban cigars from Canada into the U.S., which is how he landed on the CIA’s radar in the first place. However, before he knows it, Barry also finds himself transporting cocaine for the Medellín Cartel into the States, all the while illegally supplying Contra rebels with AK-47s at Schaefer’s behest. No way that’s going to blow up in his face.
“American Made” was only a modest hit, but it allowed Cruise to comfortably land on his feet after his “Mummy” reboot crashed and burned just a few months earlier. Now, six years later, Netflix viewership aggregator FlixPatrol is reporting the film has cracked Netflix’s top 10 in the U.S. and even hit the number one spot on Tuesday, October 10.



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