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Here’s Why Ron DeSantis Passed a Law to Make His Travel Plans Private

The Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, recently took a significant step to safeguard his privacy when he signed a bill into law that removes travel-related documents from the state’s extensive public disclosure legislation. As per CNN, following his public and intensely criticized trips to Israel and important primary states, the formidable 2024 presidential contender drafted the bill into effect in May. The new law would prohibit law enforcement agencies from disclosing any information about the security and travel plans of the governor, as well as ‘for persons for whom such services are requested by the governor.’ It will also permit DeSantis’ government to maintain covert travel arrangements even without his involvement.
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DeSantis signed 37 bills into law in May, including one that forbade companies and educational institutions from requiring COVID-19 immunizations or masks while the federal public health emergency was set to end. After being adopted by the Senate last month, the state House 84–31 passed the contentious travel bill, mostly along party lines.
Ron DeSantis:



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