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Heavy rains, winds to wreak havoc on NYC-area over Thanksgiving

The New York City area should brace for “an abundant amount of travel delays” over the Thanksgiving holiday — thanks to expected heavy rains and whipping wind gusts of up to 40 mph, forecasters said Sunday.
A cross-country storm system is expected to nail the five boroughs and beyond as the evening rush begins around 4 p.m. Tuesday, according to Fox Weather meteorologist Cody Braud.
“It’s unfortunate timing,” the weather expert told the Post.
What is expected to begin as light rain will turn into a deluge of a total of 2 to 3 inches that lasts until the Wednesday morning commute — just in time for one of the busiest and most expensive travel times of the year, Braud said.
The sheer expected volume of the rain will “definitely cause some concern,” and flash flood warnings are likely to be issued in the coming days, the forecaster warned.
“I would definitely expect… heavy rain, decent wind, and I would expect an abundant amount of travel delays, either by road or air,” Braud said, as airlines brace for a record level of fliers this week.
“But it looks like it will finally be out of here come Wednesday midday,” the meteorologist said.
On the eve of a holiday week when more than 50 million Americans are planning to travel, the FOX Forecast Center is monitoring the arrival of a cold front and storm system off the eastern seaboard. FOX Weather
Still, the nasty conditions could follow New Yorkers who are driving to New England on Wednesday, as a second low pressure system is expected to form off the coast and whip winds into a frenzy along the I-95 corridor.
In that scenario, the wind would “really start to kick up,” with gusts of up to 40 mph from the Jersey Shore to the Big Apple and up to the Boston area, later Wednesday, according to Braud.
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul warned Friday that snowfall and freezing rain could also paralyze parts of upstate.
“We are preparing for the worst case scenario and warning motorists and homeowners and people now who will be traveling locally and outside the region to alter your travel plans,” said a release from the Democrat’s office said.
The inclement weather comes just in time for one of the busiest and most expensive travel times of the year. Getty Images
“Do not make next Wednesday be your main day to travel or else you’ll get stuck … at home not able to travel, or…on one of the roads or the New York State Thruway,” the gov’s office said.
Braud predicted that any snow in the region would be ahead of the rain and that accumulation was only likely in the Adirondacks, and parts of Vermont and New Hampshire.
Hochul added, “I just want to remind everybody to be vigilant.
“We’re expecting freezing rain, snow accumulations, high winds – everything you would not want to see as you’re heading out for your holiday travels. But the warnings are out there, and I’m asking everyone to heed them at this time,” she said.



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