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GM execs leave amid safety probe

A spokesperson for Cruise confirmed nine individuals, including “key leaders,” have “departed” from the company following an “initial analysis of the Oct. 2 incident and Cruise’s response to it,” our colleague Miranda Nazzaro reported.
The executives included leaders from departments such as legal, government affairs and commercial operations, along with safety and systems. The spokesperson did not name the individuals who left.
“As a company, we are committed to full transparency and are focused on rebuilding trust and operating with the highest standards when it comes to safety, integrity, and accountability and believe that new leadership is necessary to achieve these goals,” the spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.
The departures come after the company came under fire for a crash in October where a Cruise vehicle dragged a pedestrian to the side of the road due to a software error.
It also comes less than a month after now-former CEO Kyle Vogt resigned.
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