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Equestrian Olympian Faces Off Against Rodeo World Championship Commissioner in Carolina

Linsay Rosser Sumpter, the granddaughter of Cotton Rosser, is a rodeo industry professional with double Agriculture Science degrees from California Polytechnic. Additionally, Linsay has a Master’s in Communication from Southern Utah University. She transitioned from being marketing executive at PBR to coaching at Otero College, where she is also an adjunct professor. This is not the end of Sumpter’s accomplishments. In 2022, she became Commissioner of the Women’s Rodeo World Championship. Now, she’s focusing on advancing opportunities for women in rodeo and promoting inclusivity and recognition for female athletes of all levels.
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Meanwhile, the equestrian realm witnessed an extraordinary meeting of minds. Doug Payne, an Olympic Event Rider and Grand Prix Jumper embarked on an exploration of uncharted territories in horsemanship. This captivating rendezvous took place none other than at the renowned Tryon International Equestrian Centre & Resort. The two personalities met and complimented each other in the best of ways.
Two worlds collide
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Recently, the WCRA Rodeo shared a Facebook post featuring Linsey Sumpter and Doug Payne. The caption reads as, ‘Women’s Rodeo World Championship Commissioner, Linsey Sumpter, meets Olympic Event Rider and Grand Prix Jumper, Doug Payne, to exchange their roping and jumping skills at Rodeo Carolina.’ The post included a video where they delved into each other’s professions.
Linsay’s genuine curiosity about the intricate art of jumping was evident from the start. She openly admitted to being a “questioning type of person” and expressed her eagerness to explore new dimensions of horsemanship. Doug, equally intrigued, readily embraced the opportunity to introduce Linsay to the world of jumping.
As the day unfolded, the banter between Linsay and Doug provided light-hearted moments of humor and camaraderie. Their shared enthusiasm was palpable as they reflected on their recent experience at a 2-star show at the Tryon International Equestrian Centre. Their shared awe at the jumps reaching a height demonstrated the common ground they found in their passion for equestrian sports, despite their diverse backgrounds.
During their conversation, Linsay Sumpter shared a notable line, saying, “So, I like to say, when I’m teaching somebody, big loop, big money.” This statement encapsulated her teaching philosophy and hinted at the wisdom she had to offer in the world of rodeo and roping.
A versatile equestrian champion
Doug Payne is an American equestrian with a stellar career in eventing. Born in Morristown, New Jersey, and holding a mechanical engineering degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Payne’s journey in the equestrian world began when he founded Equestrian in 2005. He’s a well-rounded figure in the sport, excelling as an international competitor, trainer, judge, coach, and author.
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Payne’s impressive achievements include winning a gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Championships, finishing fourth in the individual competition, and representing the United States at the delayed 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, where he was the highest-placed member of Team USA.
In addition to his Olympic success, he’s also triumphed at prestigious events like the Kentucky CCI5-L, and he’s displayed his versatility by competing in FEI 4-level jumping and international derbies. Payne is a USDF Silver Medalist in dressage, and he serves as an inspiration to many young equestrians for his positive attitude and unwavering commitment to his horses.
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Linsay Sumpter and Doug Payne at the Tryon International Equestrian Centre showcased their shared passion for equestrian sports. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they exchanged skills and found common ground, highlighting the universal appeal of horsemanship.
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