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EA Sports FC 24 guide with tips for Ultimate Team, Career Mode and more

Our EA Sports FC 24 guide hub carries on growing, with all the recent Ultimate Team promos such as Dynasties and Winter Wildcards right here – but there’s so much else to discover, too. We’ve got the best kits and badges, key formations, masses of important career mode intel, gameplay tips such as skill moves, a full stadiums list… and there’s more to come. Bookmark this EA Sports FC 24 guide hub for everything you need throughout this landmark season.
EA Sports FC 24 review
(Image credit: EA)
Wondering where is FIFA 24 and what’s FC 24? Click that link to have the mystery explained. FC 24 ushers in a new era for EA Sports football games, so it’s natural to wonder what it does differently – and whether it’s any good. Find out in our EA Sports FC 24 review.
FC 24 PlayStyles
(Image credit: EA)
The most exciting new feature sees players given their own individual strengths, much like Madden 24 X-Factors. It makes someone like James Ward-Prowse usable despite mediocre attributes. See them all on our FC 24 PlayStyles list.
FC 24 ratings
(Image credit: EA)
There’s a new name atop the FC 24 best players list this year, in Kylian Mbappe. The French speedster just about stays ahead of Erling Haaland – and that battle is going to rage for years to come. See the entire top 30 in our FC 24 ratings guide.
FC 24 formations
(Image credit: EA)
Tactical tinkering is critical if you want to find an edge in Division Rivals or the weekend league. Our FC 24 formations guide therefore focusses on four must-try strategies, steering you through the attacking and defensive advantages of each – and the players needed to master them.
FC 24 skill moves
(Image credit: EA)
Each year brings new twists and turns from EA, and this time around the additions include the Flair Rainbow, Flair Nutmeg, and Drag Back Turn. Find out exactly how to do those – and all the returning flicks and spins – in GR’s FC 24 skill moves guide.
FC 24 celebrations
(Image credit: EA)
It’s a huge season for FC 24 celebrations. There are more than 30 new ones this year, with James Tarkowski and Ashley Barnes among the surprise choices to receive their own finishing moves. Click that link to see all of them, both old and new.
FC 24 stadiums
(Image credit: EA)
The new era sees a couple of generic grounds disappear, and we also say farewell to Malaga’s home turf. However, there are an impressive 12 new FC 24 stadiums, including Udinese, Lille, and Luton Town – although the latter will be in a future update.
Ultimate Team
(Image credit: EA)
As ever, this year’s meta splits the community. Some love deploying OP tactics and cards, while others consider it tantamount to cheating. Wherever your stand, our FC 24 meta guide is an essential read, showcasing the most on-trend players, tactics, and formations.
FC 24 Base Icons
(Image credit: EA)
The lcons system gets overhauled for FC 24. There are no longer three different types such as Prime Icons – instead, every player gets a single rating, with unique updates tied to individual campaigns promised later on. See them all in our FC 24 Base Icons guide.
FC 24 Heroes
(Image credit: EA)
FC 24 Heroes are players who don’t quite merit Icon status, but still deserve credit for their awesomeness in a particular league. Newcomers this year include Vincent Kompany, Nwankwo Kanu, John Arne Riise, and Alex Scott. Hit that link for the full list.
FC 24 Road To The Knockouts
(Image credit: EA)
The season’s first big promo ties into European Competition. RTTK stands for Road To The Knockouts, and sees players earn upgrades for performances in the Champions League and Europa Leagues. Erling Haaland and Luka Modric are among those on the FC 24 RTTK Tracker.
FC 24 Winter Wildcards
(Image credit: EA)
The FIFA series delivered many colossal Christmas promos, including last year’s highly popular Swap Tokens. Sadly, EA did away with them this time around. Instead FC 24 Winter Wildcards focussed on new items for Ruud Gullit, Pele, and Cristiano Ronaldo, along with a daily SBC release across the festive period.
FC 24 FC Pro Live
(Image credit: EA)
The season’s second promo to feature upgradeable cards is something we’ve never seen before. It’s based on an esports tournament, with item upgrades dependent on how each pro performs. For instance, H1dalgo wins earn stats boots for Sadio Mane. See them all in GR’s FC 24 FC Pro Live tracker.
FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties
(Image credit: EA)
EA kicked off December with an all-time great new idea. The FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties promo saw cards released in pairs of family members: from brothers and sisters, to fathers and sons, to cousins – giving us Erling Haaland due to him being related to Jonathan Braut-Brunes. Clever.
FC 24 Trailblazers
(Image credit: EA)
With PlayStyles new to this year’s reboot, EA came up with a promo that specifically ties into them. FC 24 Trailblazers gave the likes of Jude Bellingham, Kylian Mbappe and Carolina Graham Hansen new cards with a stats boost and a rejig of their signature styles. Hit that link for the scouting report.
FC 24 Centurions
(Image credit: EA)
For the second year running, EA dropped a batch of items that celebrate those who’ve racked up 100 caps, goals or assists for their club or country. Icons include Wayne Rooney and Ruud Gullit, while Kevin de Bruyne and Aitana Bonmati make the contemporary cards list. See them all in our FC 24 Centurions guide.
FC 24 Triple Threat
(Image credit: EA)
A new era means an assortment of new ideas, and this one split the community. It saw sets of three players dropped into packs based on specific clubs, such as Manchester City or PSG. But some big names, such as Barca and Arsenal, missed out. All is explained in our FC 24 Triple Threat guide.
FC 24 Radioactive
(Image credit: EA)
No, this isn’t a special set of Imagine Dragons items. Instead, another novel campaign saw hazardous-looking cards add two chemistry points to your team regardless of which league or nation they were tied to. Lionel Messi and Sam Kerr were among those included on the FC 24 Radioactive roster.
FC 24 chemistry styles
(Image credit: EA)
While many elements of Ultimate Team have changed to usher in a new era, FC 24 chemistry styles work the same as they have done for a few years now. Items like Hawk, Hunter and Shadow enable you to cunningly switch up individual stats to best suit your tactics.
FC 24 best kits
(Image credit: EA)
Knowing the best strips to seek out in FUT doesn’t just help you look stylish – they can be a sneaky source of coins, too. This year sees Manchester City and Chelsea joined by Frosinone and RKC Waalwijk in GR’s guide to the best FC 24 kits.
FC 24 best badges
(Image credit: EA)
Much like shopping for kits, rare crests can be a speedy way to rack up coin-based profits – while there are also some team emblems that just ooze cool. With that in mind, Real Madrid, Luton Town and FC Botosani all stand proudly in our FC 24 best badges guide.
FC 24 female players
(Image credit: EA)
In a massive move, women and men mix together in Ultimate Team for the first time. Among those to look out for in packs are Chelsea striker Sam Kerr and Arsenal winger Beth Mead. All is explained in our news story on FC 24 female players.
FC 24 worst players
(Image credit: EA)
Want to build the opposite of an Ultimate Team? Then check out our all-bronze line-up of cards rated 50 or under. It’s the chance for underdogs such as Dennis Egel and Brian Romero to shine in our FC 24 worst players guide.
Career Mode
FC 24 career mode
(Image credit: EA)
There are no wholesale changes in career mode this year, although Tactical Visions are one means of adding your own identity. Find our how the transfer and scouting systems work, and the best teams to manage, in GR’s FC 24 career mode guide.
FC 24 best young players
(Image credit: EA)
If you do jump into career mode then one particular guide is critical: our rundown of the top 50 FC 24 best young players. You’ll recognise Haaland and Gigi Donnarumma, but in a few weeks and Julien Duranville and Nelson Weiper are likely to be heroes in your household, too.



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