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Dave Portnoy Slams Brittany Mahomes for Working With Kim Kardashian

For those who are unaware, Dave Portnoy is a fierce defender of Taylor Swift. This fact was made abundantly clear when the Barstool Sports founder took to TikTok on Thursday, November 9, to hold an “emergency press conference” over Taylor’s new BFF Brittany Mahomes and her family modeling for Kim Kardashian‘s latest SKIMS campaign.
“The holidays start with @skims,” Brittany captioned her Instagram post featuring a photo of herself alongside her husband, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and their two children, all wearing matching items from the clothing giant.
“OK, I’m on an airplane, and I don’t want to make too much noise, I hope everyone can hear me for this emergency press conference, but when Taylor Swift news strikes, I gotta be there to answer for the Swifties,” Dave, 46, began in a whisper, before suggesting that Brittany working with Kim, 43, is definitely a “WTF” moment for the Swiftie community.
@bffspod Dave gives his take on Brittany Mahomes modeling Kim Kardashian’s Skims ♬ original sound – BFFs Pod
The “BFFs Pod” host went on to detail why he “hates” Kim, citing her 2016 drama with Taylor when the reality star was still married to her now-ex-husband Kanye West. So the story goes, Kanye, 46, got Taylor’s permission to include a lewd line about her in his single “Famous.” However, after the track dropped, Taylor made it clear that she never gave the rapper said permission, specifically referring to her as a “bitch.”
As a result, Kim released what is now believed to be an edited phone call between the “Clean” singer and the “Gold Digger” artist, alluding to Taylor being a liar. Fast forward to 2020, the full phone call is leaked, and the drama reignites and later ends with Kim still defending Kanye’s actions. Despite Kimye calling it quits in 2021, it’s unclear if Taylor and Kim ever buried the hatchet — and even if they did, the Swifties certainly haven’t.
Back to Taylor and Brittany — the gal pals seemingly formed an instant bond ever since Taylor began dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. In fact, just last weekend, T. Swift and Brittany were photographed gallivanting all over New York City.
“We gotta protect Mother,” Dave insisted, before offering a possible explanation as to why Brittany worked with Kim. “Maybe Brittany Mahomes had her head in the f**king sand and doesn’t know the history, in which case, she owes Mother and all of us an apology. Maybe even can get over it, but it’s not a good look to be the f**king spokesman for Kim Kardashian.”



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