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Dave Portnoy ‘clarifies’ Tiko Texas’ Barstool departure after savage rant

Dave Portnoy had a slight clarification on Tiko Texas’ claim that she was laid off from Barstool Sports.
Two weeks ago, Portnoy appeared on Barstool’s “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast with Brianna Chickenfry, and talked about the time he went to see Tiko perform at (or around) South by Southwest in 2016.
When Portnoy said that Tiko, who would later become a Barstool personality, made him the most uncomfortable he’s ever been (later explaining that she cut a massive line at a popular Austin-area BBQ joint because she doesn’t philosophically believe in waiting in lines), Chickenfry responded that “I mean, she’s made out with us [also including her co-host Grace O’Malley] unwillingly.”
Tiko, who lost her job at Barstool earlier this year, responded to the segment on the show “No Jumper News.”
She had a judge’s gavel in her hand, and performed her rant as rap bars, disputing the idea that she ever kissed Chickenfry and O’Malley, against their wills or otherwise.
3 Tiko Texas called out Dave Portnoy for letting her go from Barstool without severance. Instagram / Tiko Texas
“Brianna, you know I love you, but you change boyfriends like underwear,” Tiko began.
“I could get mono from kissing you. I have never and would never kiss you in my life, and I don’t appreciate you joking about it, discrediting my good name, my reputation … As far as the fat sidechick, you know DAMN well that was a lie that’s why you kept your fat ass quiet.”
Tiko, who was frequently a part of Barstool livestreams during the Astros’ World Series run last season, later turned her attention to Portnoy.
On the podcast, Portnoy had said that he threw in a few hundred dollars for weed and alcohol for Tiko’s housemates at South by Southwest, and that Tiko was upset about it because she had not gotten any of the cash.
“Dave did get extorted for marijuana and alcohol for $1,000 by the other guys in the house,” Tiko said.
“That was 10 years ago. I was dead broke. And I’m admitting it! He was my plug, yet everyone in the house except for me got fed. I ain’t eat off that. I got zilch. Zero, just like that severance check’s amount after you laid off me and 150 others. With no warning. With no outboarding help. With no f–ks given. Nada. Nothing.”
3 Dave Portnoy and Tiko Texas at South by Southwest in 2016. Barstool Sports
Portnoy responded with a slight correction.
“Preach Tiko! Only clarification on my end is you weren’t laid off. You just did zero work so we couldn’t pay you to do nothing anymore. Other than that that was bars!” he tweeted.
“True lol i hated the office just like you do. Except i bought all my own flights, edited my podcasts, & no severance pay. Who at Barstool interviewed a World Series champion (paid for that flight, accommodations, bought my own mics & had to get a friend to film for that as well),” Tiko responded, referring to her interview with Alex Bregman after the Astros won the World Series.
3 Tiko Texas believed she could have had more success at Barstool with more production assistance. X / Tiko Texas
She continued to say that she thought she could have brought more to the table at Barstool if she had more production assistance.
“Me and Dave both hate the office. We’re better in the field. If Barstool had provided me with a film crew and edit team like they do everyone else, my content woulda been ON FIRE. Instead i did it all on my own! Every guest, i got. Every flight, i bought. I hustled my ass off!!” Tiko tweeted.
Warning: graphic language in video
“I still have a lot of love for @stoolpresidente & @barstoolsports. I met incredible people through Barstool and saw my potential in podcasting. But i can’t be a star without promotion/help. But i still TRIED & I’m proud of that! And thank you to Dave for taking a chance on me.”



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