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Criticism of CBS NFL broadcast all about ‘clicks’

Tony Romo thinks his fellow media brethren have an ulterior motive when criticizing his broadcasting.
After Romo retired from the NFL following 13 seasons as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and joined Jim Nantz in the CBS broadcast booth, there was a resounding honeymoon period.
Romo had an infectious enthusiasm for the game and his clairvoyant ability to predict offensive plays was unlike anything football fans had seen in a color commentator.
However, over the last couple of seasons, some of the shine has worn off, with Romo and Nantz facing more and more scrutiny.
Nevertheless, Romo told The Athletic that every time he hears from viewers in-person, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.
“People come to me now and say they love our crew, they love how we do it,” Romo said.
Tony Romo opined that the media criticizes him “for clicks.” Getty Images
“Like anything, we’ve [the CBS crew] been at such a high level doing this for so long that it doesn’t matter who you are, people are not going to continually write the same article about how great you are.
“I mean, you wouldn’t do that. You’re not going to continually write, ‘They are the best,’ over and over again. They might still think it, but people have to find things to write. I think that’s just part of human nature.”
Before joining the broadcast booth, Tony Romo was a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys for 13 seasons. AP
Romo effectively accused detractors in the media of being motivated by attention.
“And guess what? There’s agendas. People like clicks,” Romo said.
Tony Romo, Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson in 2017. FilmMagic
“I mean, that’s a real thing. And I think they should. I think it’s all a positive. Talking about it, it helps all of the NFL. Our job is to go out there and perform like we’ve done and try to always do our best. I think we’ve done a great job with that. You’re looking at a very talented group here. Like all things, we’re going to go and try to put our best foot forward.”
This past February, The Post’s Andrew Marchand reported CBS brass met with Romo and “staged something of an intervention” to try to get him back to his early announcing form.
In his interview with The Athletic, Romo said his indications were that CBS management is happy with his performance.
“You don’t go by what some people might say,” Romo said. “They love our team. They know how talented this group is. I think that they appreciate our skill set, and we do theirs.”



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