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Boeing’s new bolt-on kit converts gravity bombs into cruise missiles

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions and Boeing have announced a Memorandum of Understanding for a new “bolt-on” kit that can turn a 500-lb (228 kg) “dumb” bomb into a precision cruise missile. The kit is called the Powered Joint Direct Attack Munition, PJDAM for short, and consists of a guidance system, GPS navigation, seeker sensors, and a tail-mounted steering system. When slapped onto a bomb, the kit turns the munition into a precision day/night, all-weather guided weapon that can land within 16 feet (5 meters) of its intended target.
“Dumb” to “smart” conversion
The PJDAM’s predecessor, the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), is not a new system and was first developed by McDonnell Douglas and its partners in the 1990s. This older bolt-on kit enabled standard-issue iron gravity bombs to be converted into precision weapons without modifying the bomb. As helpful as this kit was, it suffered from a severely restricted range compared to guided missiles of around 13 nautical miles (16 miles/24 km).



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