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After UFC Fighter Themba Gorimbo, 25 Y/O MLB Star Gets Featured in a Viral Dwayne Johnson Video: “That’s Me Uce”

It is evident that Dwayne Johnson has a soft spot for sports. It’s not just pro wrestling or American football due to his business involvement. It’s uniform and equal for all sports. After garnering praise for his reel starring UFC athlete, Themba Gorimbo, Johnson shared another reel in which an MLB star made a surprise appearance. It all happened when Johnson caught a “case of Monday night f**k it’s” when fans saw a glimpse of 25-year-old star Blake Sabol.
America’s Favorite Video Today
Johnson watches Sabol play
The Brahma Bull took to Instagram to share how he sometimes likes to start off his week. And it sometimes includes a late-night snack. In this reel, Johnson can be seen indulging in a tempting snack of coconut blueberry pancake late at night. The caption read as follows, “Caught a very very rare case of the Monday Night “f*ck it’s”. Had to wake up @5am today, but last night the 1130 p.m. @espn highlights and coconut blackberry pancakes sitting in the fridge were all calling my name – like a sugar crack addict 👹💀. Helluva disciplined way to kick off my week 👊🏾🤣. @chefputtie🧑🏾‍🍳🥞🥥🍇” His caption showed the other side of Johnson. The side which loves to indulge in his guilty pleasures and he is not ashamed of it.
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Along with his love for pancakes, we also saw Johnson wallow in some highlights on ESPN. He was watching a match of Major League Baseball. In that reel, we saw a glimpse of rising MLB star Blake Sabol. Sabol was seen sprinting. After this reel started doing rounds on the internet, Sabol commented on the reel “That’s me Uce”, referring to Johnson as his elder brother. He also added a small Samoan flag at the end of his comment, referring to his own half-Samoan ancestry.
We know Dwayne Johnson not only for his love for various sports but also for how he works for the betterment of sports. He has been an avid supporter of athletes, big or small. The perfect example would be how, because of him, a school baseball team won their match.
Johnson motivates young blood
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Once in Atlanta, Johnson found himself stuck in traffic. Right beside his car, there was a bus filled with excited kids from the Lovett School baseball team. They were on their way to a game against Cedar Grove, completely unaware that this ordinary traffic jam would turn into something special. Once they realized who was sitting in the car next to them, those kids couldn’t contain their excitement. But the real highlight of that moment was yet to come.
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The pro-wrestler-turned-actor decided to lift their spirits with some words of encouragement. He asked the baseball team their destination, and upon hearing they were on their way to a game, he gave them a little pep talk, probably making their day. At the risk of his own safety, the Rock asked them, “Are you ready to give it your all?” The boys, with uncontainable enthusiasm, shouted, “YES!” A few hours later, the actor shared a video he had recorded of that heartfelt pep talk, along with a caption that read that the boys won and kept their word.
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What do you make of Johnson giving in to his Monday night temptations and the resulting interaction with MLB star Sabol? Let us know in the comments section below.
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