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A Government Shutdown Could Mean ‘Significant Delays’ on Flights

If the government shuts down, TSA screeners and air traffic controllers won’t be paid.
This could cause flight delays and longer airport wait times, the White House warned.
A shutdown would also pause air traffic controller training — just as staffing levels have begun to recover.
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If you have travel plans next month, be warned: a government shutdown could make flying even more miserable than it already is.
To avoid a shutdown, Congress needs to agree on how to fund the government by September 30 — or federal employees, including the TSA officials and air traffic controllers, won’t be paid.
Obviously, the nation’s air space won’t just grind to a halt. TSA employees and air traffic controllers are considered essential personnel, meaning they would be required to work without a paycheck during a government shutdown and receive backpay once it ends.
However, this risks



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