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7 Best Travel Gifts for the 2023 Holidays

FLIGHTS OF FRUGALITY A good gift is one someone will actually use. When it comes to travel, that means choosing things that reduce stress—and up the enjoyment. Photo: F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal (book); Getty Images (plane)
WE HATE to break it to you, but the travel-obsessive in your life already owns a suitcase they love and, thanks to well-meaning gifts from holidays past, enough passport holders to fill an entire junk drawer. What they really want is an all-expenses-paid vacation. If that’s not in your budget, choosing a gift that they’ll find useful and that you can afford can be tricky. To satisfy those criteria, we’ve rounded up packable items that take the stress out of travel; thoughtful inspiration that’ll spur new travel dreams; and handy tools even the most weathered road warrior might love. All for less than the cost of a mediocre airport meal for two.
A Supercharged Weekend Tote
This long-weekend bag hits the sweet spot between an unwieldy suitcase and a disposable grocery tote, with a price that belies its hardy build. Bells and whistles: A zippable laundry compartment ensures dirty socks never defile dry-cleaned blouses. The option to use either short or long handles allows for, respectively, close-to-chest security or easy pairing with a rolling suitcase. A brightly colored interior means your giftee can fish out AirPods or keys without a flashlight. Cotopaxi 34L Weekender Bag Cada Día, $130,



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