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10 Mistakes Tourists Make on African Safaris According to Expert

I’m a travel writer living in Nairobi, and I’ve been on more than 100 safaris across Africa.
The author has visited 15 African countries over the last 10 years. Wendy Watta
I currently live in Nairobi, Kenya, working as a travel writer and vlogger, and have been to about 15 countries in Africa over the last 10 years.
As part of my travels, I often go on safari where I’m always awed by how large elephants are, the cunning nature of hyenas, the agility of leopards, the social life of lions, and the beauty of lilac-breasted rollers.
I’ve been on well over 100 safaris for leisure or on assignment as a journalist, in countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and my home, Kenya.
On many of those safaris, I’ve shared vehicles with other tourists, and met travelers from all over the world, from the United States to Russia and Europe. I’ve also observed some common mistakes that people seem to make when they take this type of trip.
Here are the biggest safari mistakes to avoid, plus my tips for how to maximize your experience.



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