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YouTuber feared dead after jump from cruise ship during fight with girlfriend

A Brazilian YouTuber is feared dead after he jumped from a cruise ship over the weekend during a fight with his girlfriend.
Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva, 32, was last seen in the early hours of Saturday when he allegedly jumped from the MSC Preziosa during a two-day New Year’s cruise from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, Metrópoles reported.
Just hours before he disappeared, however, Candreva was happily sharing videos of the cruise ship, which he booked with his 27-year-old love interest Vitoria Barbara Momenso.
“Still here at the Port of Santos, we are waiting to leave. Let’s see what it will be, there’s a party tonight. My suitcase hasn’t arrived at the cabin door yet. We’re here, enjoying it,” he said in one clip.
A second video showed the MSC Preziosa at sea while the sun sets in the distance, with a brief glimpse of a luxe-looking restaurant on deck.
Candreva — who posts poetry and and reflection videos on social media — captioned the second clip “I love sunsets.”
5 Carlos Candreva has been missing since the early hours of Saturday morning. Carlos Candreva/Instagram
5 Vitoria Barbara Momenso says she was with Candreva when he jumped. CEN
The seemingly idyllic trip, however, went awry when Candreva and Momenso got into an argument about their relationship status, the latter told Metrópoles.
While Candreva wanted to make their two-year romance more exclusive, Momenso wanted to continue seeing other people, the shocked modeling agency professional explained.
“While I was in the bathroom, Carlos took my cell phone. I didn’t even know he had the password. He saw my conversations with other men and sent screenshots to friends saying he was thinking about killing me. He intended to kill me,” she said.
People close to Candreva confirmed the content of the messages, the outlet reported.
5 Carlos Candreva posted about the cruise just hours before he allegedly jumped. CEN
“He thought he couldn’t see me with someone else, that he couldn’t handle it,” Momenso told g1 of his reaction.
The conflict came to a head later, at a party on the ship, she continued.
“He already frowned on that. He stayed by my side and was a little strange, saying that I made him a clown and walked away,” Momenso recalled.
Candreva later turned to her and said something about being made a fool of before throwing himself into the sea, she added.
5 Candreva and Momenso got into an argument about their relationship status, she said. CEN
MSC Cruzeiros, the trip’s operators, later confirmed that a passenger was reported missing while the ship was cruising to Angra dos Reis, an island on the way to Rio.
“A thorough search was carried out on board and it was confirmed that the guest intentionally jumped overboard,” the company’s statement read.
“The incident was immediately reported to the competent authorities and the Coast Guard released the ship to continue its journey,” it added.
The Brazilian Navy took up the search for Candreva, which has thus far proved fruitless.
5 Carlos Candreva posted poetry and other reflections on social media. Carlos Candreva/Instagram
Momenso herself required medical attention following Candreva’s jump, and disembarked the cruise the next day after speaking to police, she told g1.
“I couldn’t eat, I’m trying to eat, but it’s not going down. I will definitely have to go to therapy. I’m going to be traumatized for the rest of my life,” she said of the impact of Candreva’s actions on her wellbeing.
In addition to his poetry and YouTube videos, Candreva also occasionally acted as a DJ, according to his social media.
Shortly before Christmas 2023, he published his second poetry collection, “Delirious Thoughts Living in the Dungeon,” as a Kindle ebook.



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