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Which US Airlines Still Have First Class In 2024?

Summary American Airlines is the only US carrier offering a true first-class experience, but it falls short compared to international airlines.
Delta Air Lines no longer offers first class on transcontinental and international flights but provides it on domestic routes.
Hawaiian Airlines maintains a first class cabin on premium routes with lie-flat seats, excellent food, and top-notch service.
As air travel became more popular over the decades, it changed from a convenience that only the uber-rich could afford to a form of transportation for the masses. However, people with deep pockets could still experience what airline service felt like during the golden age of commercial flights.
First-class passengers have enjoyed dining in real china with real cutlery, full showers, and complete suites in the air. However, these amenities are becoming a thing of the past. Most airlines are doing away with their first class cabins to accommodate more business class seats, which offer a good mix of comfort and cost.
That said, some airlines still focus on giving their customers the best of everything. Here are some American airlines that still have first class in 2024.
Note: An airline has a “true” first class when it has both a first class and a business class cabin. Many airlines combine the two into a single product, which will not be included.
American Airlines
American Airlines is the only airline in the United States to offer a proper first class product, which means that there is a business class cabin and a first class cabin above that. The airline only offers first class on select domestic and international routes on the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A321T.
Photo: Airbus
Its first-class seats on these flights measure 21 inches wide, offer 62 inches of pitch, and are 82.5 inches long in lie-flat mode. Amenities such as Bose QC25 Noise Canceling headphones and Casper amenities are offered.
According to One Mile At A Time, the failure of American Airlines’ first class is bound to happen since the offering is woefully inadequate compared to other international airlines. As a result, it doesn’t sell out, resulting in the airline deciding to axe the product later this year.
American’s first class seats lack privacy shades, a big selling point for most first class ticket buyers, and the seats are only marginally better than the carrier’s business class product. The service is also highly inconsistent and lacks the standards to be called a “premium” service.
There are, however, two positive aspects to American Airlines’ first class. The first is the Flagship First Dining program, which offers customers restaurant-quality dining options in the American Airlines Flagship Lounges. The second is the Flagship First Check-in, which provides customers with shorter wait times, fast-track security, a separate rest area, and improved service.
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Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines no longer offers a “true” first class on its transcontinental and international flights. However, it does provide a first class service on domestic flights. The first class on domestic flights in the United States is far from the first class experience you would expect on other international flights. But it is worth mentioning that the product is available.
Photo: Alejandro Gonzalez M | Shutterstock
We will focus on the cabin of the Delta Air Lines Airbus A321neo. The seats are in a 2-2 configuration, are 21 inches wide, and have 37 inches of pitch. The seats feature large dividers that work to increase your feeling of privacy.
The in-flight entertainment is available on 13-inch seat-back screens with Bluetooth capabilities. Delta will provide wired earbuds if you’ve left your favorite Bluetooth headphones at home. Comments about the food and service in the first-class cabin were positive, with most passengers feeling comfortable and welcomed.
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Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines is mainly a leisure carrier and maintains a first class cabin aboard its Airbus A330 aircraft on many of its premium routes. The widebody aircraft allows the airline to package its first class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.
Photo: DLeng I Shutterstock
The airline has offered lie-flat seats in its first class cabin since 2016. In addition to the seats, passengers in the first class cabin receive an excellent selection of food and beverages. Rounding out the experience is the top-notch service, with a friendly and attentive cabin crew.
Unfortunately, modern connectivity-oriented services, such as WiFi and an in-flight entertainment system, are missing. But the airline does offer passengers with iPads to satiate their entertainment needs.
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The result
As mentioned, many US airlines are doing away with the conventional first class experience and opting for a premium business class configuration for most of their flights, such as United Airlines’ Polaris and Delta Air Lines’ Delta One services.
Source: EQRoy | Shutterstock.com
This shift may be for better or worse. In some cases, the change is an upgrade, with the new business class seats outshining what the airline previously offered in first class. Overall, the change is advantageous for consumers because the overall costs of flying in business class are often lower, allowing more people to enjoy a premium experience.



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