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“Stop, Let the Kid Play”: Michael Lombardi Condemns RGIII for Warning Caleb Williams Away From Bears

As the NFL Draft inches closer, everyone’s eyes are set on the projected No.1 pick, Caleb Williams. Whereas it seems expected that the USC quarterback will go to the top pick holders, the Chicago Bears, a plethora of opinions have emerged around the topic. Among the discourse, Robert Griffin III had an interesting piece of advice for the soon-to-be rookie.
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The former Washington star advised Williams to contemplate whether Chicago would be the best landing spot for his career. Griffin quoted the Bears’ draft QB Justin Fields as an example, who was reportedly traded to the Steelers after playing three seasons with the team. However, Pat McAfee’s guest on his show, Michael Lombardi, doesn’t agree with the bold advice.
Lombardi feels the NFL experience is important
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Griffin had candidly expressed how Williams should introspect whether the Bears will be the right starting point for his NFL career. He further advised him to put his foot down against being drafted into the team if he feels otherwise.
In a conversation on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’, Lombardi was asked about his opinion on RGIII’s comment, and he had a lot to say about the matter! The media analyst acknowledged that he understands that it is Griffin’s personal opinion, but also commented that “it’s always somebody else’s fault.”
Lombardi passionately expressed his views against the former NFL star’s advice and said that instead of putting extra pressure on Williams, he should be allowed to play and explore on his own. “He’s the MVP of the league, he’s going here, he’s going there! Stop! Let the kid play. Like, let the kid learn how to play.” Lombardi also added that everyone is currently assuming the role of an “expert” in the Williams scenario. He feels that the experience of playing in the league is the best mirror and will help shape any new player.
It seems as the 2024 NFL Draft is nearing, the Caleb Williams debate is heating up. However, the QB is being coveted by many even if he chooses to step away from the Bears, as RG3 suggested.
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Caleb Williams’ hype in the 2024 Draft
While discussing the season’s upcoming draft, Williams seems to be one of the top names on the list without fail. While he is being projected as a valuable pick for any of the top pick-holding teams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye are not far behind either. So what sets Williams apart that has sparked numerous discourses online?
Foremost, it is the accuracy. According to PFF, “Williams’ accuracy while moving is what sets him apart from other playmaking quarterbacks.” Along with accurate throwing ability, Williams has been compared to Patrick Mahomes for his playmaking skills. According to Nick Akridge, “No signal-caller in college, and very few in the NFL, is better than Williams at making pass rushers miss while keeping his eyes downfield ready to attack.”
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Despite the confusion, Chicago sits in a favorable position at the top of the draft order with all options open on the table. Whether their top pick will be Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, or the much anticipated Caleb Williams, or if it will be an unexpected trade, it still remains to be seen.
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