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FBI focus on NYC Mayor Adams’ Turkey travels in campaign finance probe, but questions about details remain

But Judge Clifton Newman was unmoved by Murdaugh’s words.
“You seem empty; I don’t see anything,” said Newman. “Hopefully something will emerge in your spirit, in your soul. I will turn the page and leave you behind.”
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The murder trial of Murdaugh, who hailed from a powerful, wealthy family in the South Carolina Lowcountry, captivated the nation earlier this year. Prosecutors alleged that he shot his wife and son near the dog kennels on his sprawling family estate to cover up his extensive financial crimes and five-figure-a-week drug habit. He also committed a bizarre insurance fraud scheme, faking his own death to try to arrange a payout to his surviving son.
The dramatic turning point of the trial came when Murdaugh took the stand and contradicted the testimony of his family and lawyers that he had not been on the premises at the time, admitting he was in fact at the residence.



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