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Cruz Azul’s match against Chivas will not be played at CD Stadium. Sports: Why is the change happening? Where does the change occur?

return blue cross arrive Aztec Stadium It will be lower than expected.Four months have passed since the last meeting of the cement workers in Santa Ursula and now the team will face Guadalajara Martin Anselmi Both World Cups will be held at home.
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It was this concert that prevented La Maquina from hosting Chivas in person. Sports City Stadium. Alejandro Fernández and his long-awaited speech in the Mexican bullring brought the celestial beings out of the neighborhood of Noche Buena and sent them south for the 10th.
The date and time of El Potrillo and its presentation coincided with a meeting between cement workers and Red and White, so those from La Noria decided to return to their home before November.
The separation between the two sites makes it impossible for them to be developed simultaneously, especially since it is a street that actually separates the Colossus and even connects it through tunnels.
Cruz Azul returns to Azteca vs. Chivas
The last game the Blue Cross played at home was back on November 12, 2023, when they played a game at the same venue where they had just lost 0-1 to America, when they won a farewell game. Lost to Puebla 1-2. An increase of 17 points in the same number of days.
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La Maquina has played 11 games at the Estadio Azteca since leaving the 2018 Spring League (then known as the Estadio Azul). The Celestials moved to Aztec, looking for a project that would give them a new home, but that project never came. It was in the fall semester of 2024, due to the renovation of the two World Cup venues, that the head coaches decided to return to the competition venue just one block away from Insurgentes Street in Mexico City.
Cruz Azul returns to Azteca and Alejandro Fernandez will return to La Maquina, where he has won the most titles and where his fans feel like locals, even though it has always been It was the home ground of his most uncomfortable opponent.



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