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Cruise ship hit pier during ‘Six Terrifying Nights’ event

It was cruising for a bruising.
A Carnival cruise ship chartered for a “Six Terrifying Nights of Music and Madness” event crashed with the side of a pier, leaving it banged up and many of its partygoing passengers temporarily stranded in Jamaica.
The Carnival Magic hit the pier while docked in the Caribbean island’s Ocho Rios on Tuesday when “strong winds and swells caused the pier fender to collapse under pressure,” and the ship made contact with the pier” the company told the Miami Herald.
“There were no injuries, and all the ship’s services remained operational” — but was forced to leave port, leaving behind many stunned passengers.
The Magic left the area “for the safety of everyone on board and later docked at another nearby pier so that guests who went ashore Tuesday morning could rejoin the ship,” the company said.
The Carnival Magic struck a pier in Jamaica amid rough weather and was forced to leave port — stranding some passengers before picking them up later. Amy Harris/Invision/AP
Dyllon Price was one of the passengers shocked to see the 1,004-foot ship depart before he boarded.
“We’re watching our ship sail off into the rainstorm. We’re like – nobody knew what was happening,” Price told Fox 35 Orlando.
Another passenger, Adam Middleton, told the outlet that his group left the ship about 8 a.m. Tuesday and got stuck on the island for almost 12 hours due to the storm before the pier incident.
“We had a couple thousand people just out in a field in the pouring rain and no shelter, no food, no drinks. I think there was one toilet,” he said after getting back on board.
“Everybody was running around, not sure what to do because they locked us out of the ship,” he added.
The company Ask4Entertainment had chartered the ship for its annual rock band trip called ShipRocked 2024, the Miami Herald reported.
The damaged ship picked up the stranded passengers at another pier. Amy Harris/Invision/AP
It left Florida on Sunday with stops planned for Bimini, Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman with several bands scheduled to play, including I Prevail, Killswitch Engage, Beartooth and Badflower, according to the outlet.
Barbara Ligman and her husband, James, both 60 and from Fort Myers, also were on the sailing.
She said I Prevail was supposed to play at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday but a couple of its members were stuck onshore.
“We’re fine now that we’re back on the boat,” Barbara told the Herald on Wednesday. “Yesterday was just horrendous because Carnival was not communicating what was going on.”
Barbara Ligman, a pilot for American Airlines who was on the trip with her husband, James, said weather had prevented the stop in Bimini. When they arrived in Ocho Rios, “it was very windy,” she said.
“You can see right away the huge waves crashing over the pier and washing out the port,” she told the outlet. “Rocks and mud were entering the building.”
The couple got off the ship about 8:20 a.m. to go on a hike and headed back about noon — well before the 3:30 p.m. return-to-ship time – but realized it had left without getting any alerts on their app.
“People were just standing around. Nobody telling you what’s going on,” Barbara told the Herald.
She said about 1,000 passengers were taken to a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house to wait.
“We had no idea where the boat was. We’re getting no information from Carnival,” Barbara said, adding that they finally “got an update at 6:30 p.m. that the boat is docked and ready to board” at another pier.
Carnival told the outlet that the passengers were never stranded.
“Our guests were not and would never be left behind,” it said, adding that passengers left ashore “were taken care of by the Carnival team and shore excursion partners.”
No one was hurt in the incident, which left the ship damaged.
The company said the Magic would depart from Jamaica on Wednesday night to continue its voyage.
The Post has reached out to Carnival for comment.



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