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Willow Smith, goodbye shaved hair: now she sports the bob

We’ve never seen it before
He’s only 22 but Willow Smith it never ceases to surprise us. The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett has a real gift in terms of beauty: the courage to dare and change. All time. Repeatedly. Showing, each time, different images of herself. She did it again by focusing on the beauty element that has now become her workhorse: her hair. Goodbye famous buzz cut: Willow showed off on Instagram with a fluffy messy bob. The unmistakable shaved hair that the musician has decided to show to the world, also to defend her mother from criticism of the Oscars, has given way to thick black hair. A radical change that made it practically unrecognizable.
Willow Smith and the messy bob
Here she is Willow with the new hair look. A short bob, just below the ears, cut evenly and divided by a side parting. The strands on the left side create the optical effect of a tuft that ends up covering part of the face. The crease is slightly messy and very soft, delicate and natural. Deep black is the star’s natural color, highlighted even more by the recently bleached eyebrows. The contrast with the very clear eyebrow arch, in fact, highlights the dark black of the hair. To which the actress and singer combined black smokey eyes and nude lips.
Give dreadlocks to a shaved head for mom’s sake
A radical change, therefore. Definitely out of line for a star like Willow that she has always preferred radical and genderless hair looks. Over the years, in fact, she first sported short and very curly hair worn in an afro style. Then the pigtails and the beloved ones dreadlocks, both in long and short version. Willow has always championed the freedom to look like she is herself, without adhering to standard beauty rules. On the contrary. To make the most of her extreme hair looks she has always focused on sophisticated and eye-catching make-up. Colorful, graphic eye makeup with rhinestones alternated with red or dark lips. And it is no coincidence that in a short time she has become a beauty icon for the very young.
Then, a few years ago, another radical choice in terms of hair styling. However, this time dictated from the heart. He shaved his head for the second time. Then she asked mom Jada Pinketts Smith to do the same. And so, both paraded at the Oscars. A way to face the disease by demonstrating that beauty does not depend on a haircut. And, in a short time, the buzz cut has become a real trend. Many stars have shown themselves with ultra short cuts: from Cara Delevingne to Kristen Stewart.
Now, however, with the messy bob Willow shows another self. She gives a more elegant and refined image. Willow Smith looks all grown up. And she wants to change. Yet.
Discover the ideas for wearing a short bob in the gallery.



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