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Which US Airlines Still Have First Class In 2024?

Summary American Airlines is the only US carrier offering a true first-class experience, but it falls short compared to international airlines.
Delta Air Lines no longer offers first class on transcontinental and international flights but provides it on domestic routes.
Hawaiian Airlines maintains a first class cabin on premium routes with lie-flat seats, excellent food, and top-notch service.
As air travel became more popular over the decades, it changed from a convenience that only the uber-rich could afford to a form of transportation for the masses. However, people with deep pockets could still experience what airline service felt like during the golden age of commercial flights.
First-class passengers have enjoyed dining in real china with real cutlery, full showers, and complete suites in the air. However, these amenities are becoming a thing of the past. Most airlines are doing away with their first class cabins to accommodate more business class seats, which offer a good mix of comfort and cost.
That said, some airlines still focus on giving their customers the best of everything. Here are some American airlines that still have first class in 2024.
Note: An airline has a



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