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What’s Going On With Tom Cruise’s Space Movie? Here’s What Elon Musk Says

Tom Cruise is a guy who is willing to perform incredible feats for the sake of his movies. He insists on doing his own stunts, which has resulted in Cruise free climbing buildings and jumping off cliffs. At this point, it seems the only thing Cruise hasn’t done is spacewalk, and that’s potentially in the cards.There has been talk in the past about Tom Cruise filming a movie in space, but for that to happen, somebody has to be able to get him up there. On that note, Elon Musk has been linked to the production for a while and has now provided an update on its status.
The SpaceX CEO recently caught up with ET at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony and discussed a few topics with the news outlet. Eventually, he provided some thoughts on Tom Cruise’s proposed space movie. The tech magnate revealed that he’s spoken to the A-lister, but the latter half of his update may disappoint some people:
Tom Cruise has said he wants to do Mission: Impossible in space. We’ve had some discussions, but I’m not sure where his mind is at.
While Elon Musk calls it “Mission: Impossible in space,” he’s likely conflating the actor’s major franchise with the space movie idea, which as far as we know are separate projects. There have been no indications, at this point, that the Oscar nominee’s plans to film a movie in space also involve the M:I franchise. Still, Musk, or somebody like him, is going to be key to a project like this. The most complex part of the whole endeavor would be figuring out how to get the Top Gun icon, any other needed actors, and all the necessary equipment, from Earth into orbit, and that’s where Space X would come in.
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We don’t know what the upcoming Tom Cruise movie set in space would be about, and it’s not even clear just how many people within his inner circle are aware of that info. While the expectation is that only part of the Cruise movie would occur in space, there are a lot of unknowns here.
Per reported details on the space movie, frequent Cruise collaborator Doug Liman is working on a script and plans to direct the project as well. Perhaps, now that Liman’s done with Road House, which he wanted a theatrical release for, he’ll have more time to dedicate to Cruise’s cosmic movie.
It’s maybe not surprising that there hasn’t been a lot of movement on the actor’s feature. He’s been pretty busy filming two back-to-back Mission: Impossible movies, one of which had to struggle through a global pandemic. He’s had a lot going on and probably hasn’t had the time to focus on his potential movie in outer space. His film aimed to be the first to be shot in outer space. However, a Russian production ended up winning that space race, becoming the first to shoot scenes outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.
Generally speaking, what Tom Cruise wants, Tom Cruise gets, so it seems likely that if the actor wants to shoot a movie in space, it will happen eventually. When any of this could actually happen is still very much an open question. We know that Top Gun 3 is also in development and, if Cruise does go to work on that after finishing the (now-untitled) Mission: Impossible sequel, then his dreams of heading to space (with the help of Elon Musk) will have to wait even longer.



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