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What it’s really like on the Ultimate World Cruise

Aussie comedian Christian Hull has revealed what it’s really like on-board the world’s most famous ship — the Ultimate World Cruise.
The nine-month long cruise has captivated TikTok users after passengers took to the platform to share their experiences with many “living” for the insane content, including Christian.
He has been following the drama of those on-board ever since the Royal Caribbean cruise set sail in December last year.
The 37-year-old had become so invested and “sucked in” that he decided to experience it for himself, hopping on the viral cruise during its stopover in Brisbane on March 11.
Christian, who is a first-time cruiser, is 11 days into his 16-day journey that ends in Hong Kong and let’s just say he’s had a whirlwind and “overwhelming” adventure.
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“When I pulled into the Port of Brisbane, I wasn’t expecting the cruise ship to be there and I just screamed — I was so excited,” he told from his room.
But unfortunately for him, the first 18 hours were spent hugging the toilet seat due to motion sickness.
“I was at dinner and everyone was so lovely but I couldn’t listen to a single thing they were saying because I felt every rocking motion. I got the sweats and started burping,” he laughed.
“I didn’t want to be rude and sat there as long as I could [but] I had to bolt to my room to throw up in the toilet.”
5 Comedian Chrisitan Hull’s first 18 hours on the cruise were plagued by sea sickness. TikTok / @christianmhull
“To be fair I did not prepare — you’re meant to take sea sickness pills before you get on the cruise because once it starts there’s no going back.”
Christian said the journey out of Brisbane was wild with massive swells. He even recorded a TikTok to show just how much the mammoth 13-deck ship was swaying when faced with rough waters.
“When you feel it shudder like that it means the boat is hitting a wave, the bow of it is coming up and as it comes down it forces the water out. Oh My God, the waves,” he laughed as he looked out the window.
5 The comedian has been very transparent about his experience on TikTok TikTok / @christianmhull
Christian boasts almost 2 million TikTok followers and has been filming his journey on-board the Ultimate World Cruise, including several clips of himself unwell from motion sickness.
One of them showed him running from dinner to his room to throw up.
It was followed by another clip of him having purchased a ReliefBand, which he said “sends electronic pulses into your wrist, then pulses into your brain and counteracts feelings of nausea”.
“I was feeling horrible yesterday and soon as I put it on, immediately [after] that pulse started it was there weirdest feeling. The feeling of wanting to vomit disappeared instantly,” he said.
“I still felt a little dizzy and the rocking motion still played with me mentally, but this removed the nausea.”
Christian said that most people who do a cruise for the first time find it “full on”.
But after getting his sea sickness under control, Christian said he’s been having a great time meeting some of the “wonderful people” who’s journey’s he’s followed online.
“Cruising is a cult and the people on this cruise are on top of cult chain,” he laughed.
He said the most wildest gossip to come out of the cruise so far is that “there’s swingers on board”.
“[But] it’s all on the downlow,” he said. “I’m not shocked at all. You’re on board this ship for nine-months … you go stir-crazy.
“I had a great conversation with a fellow cruiser who has done a nude cruise and swingers cruise before and they told me some crazy stories.”
He’s also encountered some overwhelming moments telling that’s he’s cried and been in fetal position twice.
@christianmhull The overwhelming nature of the Ultimate World Cruise got to me last night. Im having an amazing time its just nothing how I expected. The people im surrounding myself with are absolutely beautiful. Turns out I just need to force myself to get out of my room and start enjoying myself. In tonights podcast you will get to hear the full meltdown and my review of karaoke. Its called ‘16 Days on the Ultimate World Cruise’ on Spotify & Apple #UltimateWorldCruise ♬ original sound – Christian Hull
“I am learning a lot about myself,” he said, adding it’s the first time he’s travelled solo since he was 17.
“I’ve learned a lot about who I am as a person, in a weird way. [But] the biggest thing I have learnt is a cruise ship is the most overwhelming and over stimulating place on earth,” he laughed.
Christian had initially forked out $20,000 to pay for his ticket, but was lucky enough to score a partnership with EveryPlate who covered the costs.
5 For Christian the cruise has turned into a journey of self-discovery. TikTok / @christianmhull
His content is raw and honest, which is part of the reason he decided to collaborate with the Aussie meal kit subscription service.
“EveryPlate have been the dream team. Normally brands like to get their hands in and control things, but they have let me do my own thing.”
Christian has taken to TikTok to share the highs and lows of his trip, partnering with brand to share “what’s cooking” on-board the World Cruise.
5 Christian teamed up with EveryPlate to cover his costs. TikTok / @christianmhull
“This is a cruise unlike any other. Some passengers have done hundreds in their time and they’ve jumped at the opportunity for something like this, for nine months.”
He said one of the things he is looking forward to the most when he’s back on land is tucking into EveryPlate meals, adding that while the food on-board the cruise isn’t bad, it’s “wreaking havoc with my digestion”.
Christian has a few days left on the ship where he will disembark in Hong Kong and continue his holiday for another week.
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Meanwhile, the cruise will continue its journey for another six months exploring the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe.
Depending on the destination and room you choose, prices can vary from $US13,399 ($19,895) to $US25,099 ($37,268).
But, if you want to do the full nine months, the price tag is a lot heftier. The cheapest is $US59,999 ($88,000) for an interior stateroom, and up to $US760,000 ($1.2 million) per person for a Royal Suite.
5 The comedian was so excited for the cruise which can cost anywhere from $13,399 to $25,099 TikTok / @christianmhull
Christian said a lot of the passengers are on it for the full nine months, adding it’s not something he could do.
Despite this, he said it’s provided for some entertaining viewing, and he’s excited to be part of it.
The epic nine-month-long holiday is a first-of-its-kind for the cruise liner, and they’re not surprised it’s gone viral on TikTok.
“Many guests booked their tickets over two to three years ago during the pandemic and we are thrilled to be hosting a range of guests from young solo travellers, to couples and families,” Dave Humpreys, director of sales at Royal Caribbean International AUNZ, recently told
“We have an impressive number of Gen-Z and millennial cruisers, with a significant number of guests between the ages of 18-30 joining us on various legs of this cruise.”
In total, the cruise will travel to more than 60 countries and 11 wonders of the world in 274 days.



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