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What Is Tom Cruise Like On The Mission: Impossible Sets? ‘The One Thing’ Rebecca Ferguson Took With Her

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but based on reports from those who have worked with him, the man can get…intense on the set. He puts his body on the line to make stunts in his films as real as possible, and while he may not expect others to do the same, Rebecca Ferguson says that Cruise is the hardest working person on the set who does expect everybody else to give what they can.
Speaking with Deadline, Rebecca Ferguson talked about what it was like making the Mission: Impossible movies with Tom Cruise. She says that above all he always expects others to do their best, but more importantly, he matches that expectation by always trying to do his best. She explained…
He expects the best of everyone. That’s probably the one thing I’ve really taken with me. If you can’t deliver, that’s fine, you always look for other solutions. But he’s the first one on set and the last one out. If you ask that everyone be their best selves, you need to deliver that for yourself. And he does.
It seems Tom Cruise leads by example in his movies by always doing whatever he can. It’s just that in his case what he can do includes jumping off cliffs on motorcycles and Cruise scaling sheer buildings. It does seem Cruise doesn’t expect everybody to do the best that he can do, just what they can do. Ferguson’s comment about looking for “other solutions” seems to indicate Cruise is okay if there are things people truly can’t do, but he just wants everyone to deliver the best of what is possible.
It honestly sounds pretty nice. Certainly not everybody is truly capable of doing some of the stuff Tom Cruise does, but he doesn’t seem to have the mentality that just because he does it, everybody else should as well. There are lines, and Cruise just wants people to give a project their all, whatever that happens to mean for them.
The team is certainly giving their all right now considering they’re in the middle of a massive two-film shoot. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One came out earlier this year, and Part Two is coming up. What crazy thing Tom Cruise and company will do to make the next, and possibly last, Mission: Impossible movie something special remains to be seen, though we can guess Cruise will make sure everybody brings their A game.
Based on how Mission: Impossible 7 ended for Ferguson, it seems unlikely she’s actually part of the Mission: Impossible 8 cast, but stranger things have happened. At least she knows what’s expected of her by the star. In the meantime, check out the 2024 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.



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