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WATCH: MrBeast Triumphs Over Tom Cruise Infront of Hollywood Tourists

Published 12/22/2022, 9:30 AM EST
Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is one of the most pioneering YouTubers in the community, gaining popularity constanttly. Surprisingly, a creator went on the streets of Hollywood to record a glimpse of his popularity. The only catch was that people had to recognize him against the Top Gun Maverick actor Tom Cruise.
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MrBeast has been championing the art of content creation mixing it well with entertainment and wholesome deeds. His 122 million YouTube followers would totally vouch for this. But one wonders if he would be recognized as widely as the larger-than-life personality Tom Cruise. The results were surprising, to say the least.
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Hollywood tourists try to recognize MrBeast and Tom Cruise adding up to their popularity score
YouTuber Jon Youshaei showed Hollywood tourists a collage with a photo of MrBeast and Tom Cruise each. As he approached people, he asked if they knew who they were. A simple question received a simple answer but surprisingly gave an exciting result.
Out of the first three people shown in the video, two were able to only recognize Tom Cruise giving him a two-point lead. Nevertheless, as the questioning progressed, people kept coming in to recognize MrBeast. From 0-0 to a 4-4 tied score, the tourists kept guessing the stars they recognized.
A score of 5-6 in favor of Tom Cruise reflected that MrBeast was almost as famous and recognized as the iconic actor. There were some people who recognized both of them so that was a glorious bonus.
Next, the question came of who has more followers. Surprisingly, MrBeast got a lead when people who guessed MrBeast as having more followers determined the final score to be 8-6. It can be unarguably understood that MrBeast being a flourishing YouTuber would be having more followers.
To give the video a nice ending note, people voiced their favorite MrBeast video. Unequivocally, MrBeast’s recreation of Squid Games was the most favorite video. Plus, the Squid Games video still remains his most expensive video to this date as it costed him around $4 million to build and produce.
What awards has Jimmy won this year?
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The poll between MrBeast and Tom Cruise was taken at a time when the YouTuber had crossed the milestone of 100 million YouTube subscribers. At the time of writing, the 24-year-old YouTuber has over 122 million YouTube subscribers.
At this year’s YouTube Streamy Awards, he became the “Creator of the Year”, hence, bagging the title for the third consecutive time. Last month, he was recognized with the “Social Media Star” Award at People’s Choice Awards. Riveting it is to absorb the fact that he also could be the first YouTube billionaire but one has to rely on the future to see it unfold.
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What do you think MrBeast will do in his next video? Do let us know in the comments below.
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